Monday, October 31, 2022

Creating Recycled Mailers with Kristi Nazzaro - StencilGirl Design Team

Hello Friends! Kristi Nazzaro here and I’m back with a fun tutorial using beautiful stencils from my friends here at StencilGirl.

Can we talk about the pile of Amazon mailers I have for just a minute? Don’t tell my husband but I receive quite a few packages each week from our friends at Amazon.  I love how their packaging encourages us to reuse those mailers.  I find them to be just a teeny tiny bit boring though.  Please watch my video tutorial below as I share how I jazz these mailers up using StencilGirl stencils, acrylic paint and Posca Pens!


Additional Supplies:
Liquitex Paint in: Turquoise Blue, Paynes Gray, Light Olive Green, Dioxazine Purple and Fluorescent Pink.
Masters Touch Acrylic Paint in Purple and Titanium White
Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paint in Lemon and Lime.

Paint Brushes
Posca Pens
Make Up Sponges
White Signo Gel Pen

I hope this tutorial encourages you to grab your StencilGirl Stencils and create beautiful vessels for sending out some happiness into the world.  


  1. This was an awesome and useful tutorial! Thank you, Kristi Nazzaro

  2. I reuse all my mailers, if possible, but it really never dawned on me to paint and stencil!! What a great idea. Thank you for sharing

  3. For the longest time I saved my mailers and just repurposed them as is. Like this so much more!!

  4. Thank you for a great tutorial. What is the brownish colored round stencil divided into segments that you used called? Name or stencil number?


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