Thursday, January 19, 2023

Welcome New Designer, Sally Hirst!

Novi Sad Bridge (S937)

This stencil is based on a new bridge in Sally’s home city of Norwich, UK. She was inspired by its clean lines and the way it reaches over the river joining the two sides of the river that runs through the city. The angles and shapes provide energy and movement. An excellent design to use in printmaking Sally also uses it to provide a strong graphic element to her mixed media paintings. The lines and perspective of this stencil will make it a wonderful addition to your own mixed-media artwork.

Bridge Combination L947

This stencil celebrates the lines, shapes, and construction of bridges. Sally is interested in the idea that bridges provide connection, and symbolize transition. We build bridges to take us to new places, connect previously isolated places, and allow people to come together.  In the process of creating we bridge areas of a piece to provide unity and composition. This stencil offers a range of lines and angles, positive and negative shapes that work together in unison. The perfect stencil to provide a lively urban background for prints or paintings in a range of media.

Colemans L948

Sally was inspired by the skeletal structure of a disused riverside warehouse to create this design.. She often finds the structure of a building that has been stripped of its outer layers reminiscent of skeletal trees in winter. She loves the negative spaces that create patterns across the surface. Coleman’s works as both a mask and as a stencil. It is a versatile design that can be used in a number of ways. Sally would use parts of it to mask off areas of a print, use the negative spaces to stencil through, or roll it with paint to use as a relief print. 

Sally Hirst lives and works in the UK. Her work is about journeys, those she takes, and the journey the art goes on in her studio. The textures, shapes, and structures of the urban environment inform her work. Whilst the results are predominately abstract, they are firmly based on fleeting images and experiences. 

She holds both BA and MA degrees in Fine Art and studied teaching at Cambridge University. She is also an educator for GOLDEN. Having taught for many years in colleges, Sally is now a full-time artist creating mixed media paintings, collages, and original prints. Running a wide range of online courses for artists enables her to reach students at all stages of their creative journey worldwide. You can discover more about her on her website, blogFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and YouTube

Sally's stencils are available now at


  1. Wow these are all really beautiful.

  2. Fantastic designs! I love the lines and that warehouse is incredible! Welcome to the SG family! -Ann B


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