Thursday, January 5, 2023

New Woodland and Botanical Designs From Margaret Peot

Margaret was inspired to make this 9 x 12 stencil after going back to Ohio to visit some of her old haunts. She grew up between a pond and a giant marsh, and that provided endless opportunities for play. She has been revisiting that time in her artwork—hours alone with her dog, walking along the edge of the pond, watching the frogs jump into the water

Marsh Flowers (L942)

Queen Anne’s Lace, cornflower, black-eyed Susans, thistles, those little pink lobed flowers that she never knew the name of—all the wildflowers in this 9 x 12 stencil grew in the fencerow by the swamp by Margaret's childhood home. They made their way into bouquets that she put all over the house.

Mushrooms (L943)

Margaret's next-door neighbor had a wealth of mushrooms in her woods: different sizes and shapes, glowing against the dark soil and leaves. 

Sinuous Vines (L944)

Margaret made this 9 x 12 stencil because she needed a stencil that moved —that could twist across journal pages, tie things together, and break up a staid layout—while still being representative of the natural world.

Woodland Creatures 1 (L945)

Margaret was inspired to make these 9 x 12 woodland creatures stencils after working on a children’s book about nocturnal mothers and babies and what they are up to in the night while we sleep. The creatures in these stencils are not strictly nocturnal, but she wanted to show little windows into their lives. They would make a cool card set, or a forest-themed advent calendar…

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