Thursday, February 16, 2023

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's TWO new Collections from Carolyn Dube!

Strong Women (L955)


These three silhouettes represent the limitless imagination of childhood, adulthood when you put on your cape to manage everything that has to be done, and the wise woman standing with confidence, owning the wisdom she has earned through experience.


Whether she’s leaping a tall building or dealing with what life throws at her every day, she is a Heroic Woman!


Heroic Words (L957)

This stencil celebrates strong women because words have power! Designed to compliment the silhouettes of the Strong Women stencil. 

At the bottom of the stencil, there is a matching alphabet so if you'd like to add a letter or two to a word (for example, turn hero into heroes) you can easily do that. 

These are great words to add to cards, art journal spreads, collages, or scrapbooking pages, and they make quick backgrounds by just using parts of the words or overlapping words.


Rainbow Quotes (L956)

Rainbow quotes to brighten your day and your play! There’s a wide range of symbolism associated with rainbows from strength to hope to promise to peace to luck to new beginnings to eternal life to equality. 


I've selected some of my favorite rainbow quotes which are great for making cards, using in scrapbooks, on an art journal page, or layering in a collage.  

The quotes in this stencil are: 

If you have ever followed a rainbow to its end, it leads you to the ground on which you are standing            - Alan Cohen

You are a rainbow of possibilities.  - Unknown

Love can form a double rainbow, connecting two hearts.  - Tom Baker

Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.  - Cyndi Lauper

Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.  - Aberjhani

Friends are like rainbows. Always there to cheer you up after a storm.  - Unknown




Reflecting Rainbow (S942)

There's a secret to the Reflecting Rainbow stencil. Each half of the stencil is a mask for the other half. All you need to do it just flip the stencil. How does that work? See how in the video! 


A perfect and proper rainbow has all colors, but so many times when Carolyn stumbles upon rainbows every color isn’t visible. Sure, there’s a scientific reason having to do with how the light is reflecting off the water droplets and how the rods and cones in our eyes work, but the creative part of her prefers to see the magic and symbolism in perfectly imperfect rainbows.


A rainbow can mean many things from strength to hope to promise to peace to luck to new beginnings to eternal life to equality.  Whatever a rainbow means to you, you can add these to your art journals, collages, handmade cards, or any other creative play!


Rows of Reflecting Rainbows (S943)


Rows of Reflecting Rainbows honors Mother Nature’s grand display in the sky. Use the entire stencil, just one row of rainbows, or a single rainbow. 

The scalloped pattern is created by repeating a row of the design. Do a little on top to create a border, create a wide swath across the middle, or fill the entire page, no matter the size.


When adding a rainbow to anything you create, you are adding a bit of symbolism.  A rainbow can mean many things such as strength, hope, promise, peace, luck, new beginnings, eternal life, or equality.  Is this everything? Nope, rainbows can represent whatever you want them to, after all when you’re creating, you make the rules!

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  1. More great, versatile stencils from Carolyn Dube - thank you!


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