Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Kirsten Varga - February StencilClub Stencils

Hello Creatives! Kirsten Varga here using the fabulous February 2023 StencilClub designs by Tina Walker. I am old enough to remember the rolodexes my parents had. I loved the feeling of flipping through the cards. (My dad had one that was a circle and it was super fun spinning those cards around. Ha!) 

When I first saw Tina's designs I was thrilled to see two different card shapes as well as a wide variety of decorative imagery to go with them. I wanted to make a different holder for the cards as I don't have an official Rolodex, YET. :) I made my own from quarter-inch wood dowels and 1"x1"x6" wood blocks. 

This is inspired by the card file book Alisa Golden designed in her book, Unique Handmade Books. Cut the dowels down to the length you want and drill holes in the blocks at the same distance as the notches on the cards.

I traced the card shapes onto heavy watercolor paper and chipboard. Painted papers created with deli paper and my Gelli Arts printing plate were glued onto the cut out cards. 

Then the designs were stenciled on one side of each card. This resulted in cards that are painty with a wrinkly texture that are ready for further exploration. I can work on it progressively and the ease of removing and rearranging the cards is a bonus.

Check out the video below for the entire process!

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Stencils used:

Other supplies used:

Grafix® Chipboard
140lb Watercolor paper
Deli Paper
Acrylic Paint
Gelli Arts® printing plate
non-stick craft mat
Matte Medium
Sanding Block
1/4" heavy duty hole punch
1/4" wood dowels
1"x1"x6" wood blocks (2)


  1. I have a Rolodex but have yet to create any cards for it. Thanks to you and this wonderful stencil set, I’m inspired to start! Thanks!

  2. love rolodex art and I love your book!


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