Monday, February 6, 2023

StencilGirl® Art Journaling by Frieda Oxenham

Of course, this month is all about hearts and I couldn’t resist adding my small version. The quotation I used comes from the poem Out of the sunset’s red, by William Stanley Braithwaite.

Here is the tutorial:

1.     Working in a large art journal (I used one by Dylusions), put some paint on the pages and scrape it in different directions. While the paint is still wet scrape white gesso into it. 

2.     Add more white gesso and remove it again with a baby wipe through stencil 1 from the October 2022 StencilClub.

3.     Using black acrylic paint and stencil 2 from the October 2022 Club add more pattern to the pages by stenciling and also by adding black paint to the pages and removing it through the same stencil.

4.     Spray on more pattern using the same stencil as in step 3, using a blue dye spray.

5.     Spray some water onto the pages and add turquoise acrylic paint to the spread, moving it about with a brush. While still wet remove the paint through stencil 1 of the October StencilClub. Mix in more white gesso with a brush or your fingers.

6.     Repeat step 5 with quinacridone nickel azo gold paint.

7.     Stencil randomly on the pages using stencil 2 of the October 2022 StencilClub with gold paint and a cosmetic wedge.

8.     Repeat step 5 with pink and white paint.

9.     Using Thistle and appropriate colours stencil on the thistles to the spread using a cometic wedge.

10.  Outline the flowers with black and white markers

11.  Cut out a figure from a magazine and glue it onto the spread as shown, together with a selection of vintage postage stamps and the quotation. Outline figure and text with a black marker.

12.  Add a white heart to the figure with a permanent market

13.  Edge the pages with a permanent black inkpad

© Frieda Oxenham 2023

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful piece, Frieda! I love the way you have layered the background. The figure cut from a magazine is a brilliant contrast and of course I love the tiny heart! Bravo!


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