Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tina Hois ~ Stencilled layers & feathered friends

Hello creative friends!

Tina here and I am so happy to be sharing a quick journalpage processes that I use quite often.

The weather has finally turned ~ the sun is now a regular day fixture, flowers are blooming and feathered friends are calling my yard and trees their summer home.

This is such a special time of year and  I truly enjoy sitting outside with a cup of tea listening to natures music. 

I wanted to honour this feeling in my journal and found the perfect stencils to accompany my vision.

I love me a multifaceted stencil and the Collage Textures, Patterns & Leaves by Gwen Lafleur is perfect for a multitude of applications,
The pattern portion is great for backgrounds or select bits of it and add raised texture with some modeling paste.
The botanicals are fabulous for both backgrounds and focal points on cards and art journals.

The Tall Birds stencil by Terri Stegmiller is another stencil that inspires ideas for me.
For this project I used only the body portion of the birds and that’s ok✨
The birds are perfect fodder for journals, cards and tags. What I really enjoy is personalizing them ( as I did below)

Last but never least is the Broken Line Columns stencil by Cynthia Silveri.
I use this small but mighty stencil all the time.
It’s a perfect mark making design so therefore fantastic for layers and can also be used alone to create gorgeous abstract patterned backgrounds.

Enjoy & Let's get started!



Acrylic paint
Gel Plate
Tissue paper
Gel pen

The Process:

Apply paint to gel plate and pull the print- this will be the bird colour.   You can also simply stencil the birds. 

With the Tall Birds stencil trace only the bird bodies and cut

With the Collage Textures Patterns and Leaves  stencil random patterns and berries on the birds - set aside

On a gesso prepared and dry page ~ and with altering sponge pressure (so that there is varied paint textures) using the Collage Textures Patterns and Leaves apply the first layer of the backgroundand ~ dry completely

With the brayer add a layer of paint to your page ~ this is a soft tranperant layer which allows the first layer to show through as well as the gesso ( a sponge or paint brush can also be used)
Here I used two colours to add interest
Dry completely and set aside

Stencil the Leaves on to the tissue paper and set aside to dry.

With the Broken Line Columns stencil add the next layer with random marks around the page

Cut the tissue tree branches and with matte medium or modpodge adhere to your page

Grab our feathered friends and glue them down on the branches

Enjoy the process and your feathered back yard friends.

Let's connect!

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