Thursday, August 31, 2023

Announcing New Designs from Jane Monteith

Jane Monteith has five new fabulous designs releasing today, so without further adeio...

Get your grunge on with Graffiti. Inspired by spray paint and street art. This big and bold stencil designed by Jane Monteith will add a cool edginess to your artwork. Great for layering and masking over pops of vibrant colors that won't go unnoticed. 

Designed by Jane Monteith, Tripwire is a journey of random intuitive marks inspired by quill and ink. This stencil is a combination of larger lines flowing into thin wire like marks, making this stencil unique in all sections. Give your art lots of interest with Tripwire. 

Just like scribble on paper, the Scribbley stencil by Jane Monteith creates the impression of pen marks in your artwork. Lots of quick long thin repeated lines, just like chicken scratch on a notepad.


A mini version of Graffiti, this smaller style stencil called Graffiti 2 has more ribbon like curls and twists. There is also an accompanying mask (see below). Have fun and mix it up with both versions in your artwork!

Jane's stencils are available now at

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