Thursday, September 28, 2023

Two Great New Designs from Cecilia Swatton

Disregarding original inspirations, my art-making opens my eyes of imagination.  The results? Fanciful abstract imagery and decoration. 


Designed to be used with acrylic paints, these masks, however, work beautifully (1) for making dry rubbings with soft-tipped color pencils or kids’ crayons; (2) for embossing color-laminated foils.

Chandelier (S971)

Because I enjoy pairing dissimilar images to achieve visual surprise, I designed my 6" x 6" mask Chandelier to dramatize a juxtaposition of line-work against beads.  I developed this design after a visit to Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY state.  There, captivated by the elegance of a chandelier, I crouched, twisted and squatted to capture handfuls of abstract photo-shots.

Diatom (S972)


Natural beauty greets us in many forms, including fan-shapes. One natural fan-shape exists in microalgae that form amazingly intricate patterns.  The variety that I chose in developing my 6” x 6” mask Diatomis Licmophora flabellate – a type of plankton sometimes called Seaweed Fringe since, among many watery locations, it can live as minuscule fringe on seaweed. To see its fan-like shapes, you need a microscope.

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  1. Really like your blog. I have loved stencils since childhood and have used them in various ways. But what you are doing is simply fantastic.


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