Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Striped Leaves Art Journal

Hello Creative Friends, 

I for one love creating my own art journals and as a curious creative I am endlessly experimenting with unique and interesting shapes for my journals.

Todays little journal is created with two diffent stencils.  Striped Leaves stencil created by Terri Stegmiller and Sprigs stencil created by Cecilia Swatton.

I love the creative possibilities both these stencils offer.
The  Striped Leaves stencil hosts a variety of 6 leaves and an assortment of various size circles and the Sprigs stencil is full of lovely flourishes.
In addition to this project the stencils can be incorporated in your art a mulititude of ways which can be found under the description and details of each one.

Let's get started!

On a gel plate spread your choice of acrylic paint. This will be the base colour of the leaves.

  • place watercolour or mixed media paper down and pull the paint ( a sturdy paper is needed and will be used for the front and back covers)

Adding the layers ~ add a contrasting colour directly on top of the base (step 1) I am adding black~it adds wonderful contrast and depth 

While the paint is still wet, place the sprigs stencil on top and with a baby wipe remove excess paint to reveal the delicate outlines (see below).  

Allow to completely dry.

For the final layer, add white acrylic paint.  Select the leaf you will be using from  Stiped Leaves stencil, place that section on to your paper and once again remove excess paint with the baby wipe.  This will real the beautiful background we created above

  • lift the stencil and flip it over so that now we have the mirror image of the leaf.  Remove excess paint as before.   These are the front and back covers of your journal
  • repeat the process with the various leaf sizes and these will be used as journal pages 
  • if you prefer both sides of the leaves to have pattern then repeat the above process on the other side of your watercolour or mixedmedia paper

Cut out the leaves and place to the side with the exception of the front cover leaf

Use the top cover leaf as a template ~ trace and cut as many pages as you like to fill your journal.
I used dyed found papers from old books, some painted papers and some stenciled papers

Stack your leaf pages together and puch a hole in one end 

Now for the my aha! moment.
I could not for the life of me find a ring clip that would work and I was concidering some thin rope but then I saw these! Yes they are shower curtain rings and let me tell you they work so much better than a regular ring. 

This made me so happy!!!!

For added flair, tie some vintage ribbons, lace and torn strips of fabric.

Thank you for stopping by. 
Enjoy creating your own Striped Leaf journal and adorning it with all the bits that represent you.

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  1. Shower curtain rings…what a great idea! Love the leaf shaped journals!

  2. Hehe! Right!! Thank you so much ♥️

  3. What a delightful little journal - thanks for the inspiration, Tina!

    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for stopping by and for the kindness Terry

  4. So lovely, thanks for sharing your creative talent.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the kind words and the support ♥️


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