Friday, July 5, 2024

Paper Pinwheels

Hello Creative friends,

Today we will take a trip back in time and revisit the famously fun paper pinwheel.

Paper pinwheels are adorable, they bring forth a touch of whimsy and can be made in just afew minutes. 
I for one love them and they are a great addition to my cards, journals or even party banners!

I love using stencils for this projects to personalize them and add further interest. 

Today I am using:
Words to Live By stencil designed by Carolyn Dube 
DNA Strand #3 stencil designed by Mary Beth Shaw

The Process:
  • Apply paint to the gel plate and then the stencil 
  • Cover the stencil with a blank piece of paper and lightly rub so that the stencil image is transferred
  • Clean the gel plate and repeat the process on the opposite side of the your paper

  • Fold the paper into quarters and cut (unless you want a GIANT pinwheel!)
  • You will have four pieces of paper 
  • Take one piece and fold it from right to left to create a trianlge and trim off the excess 
  • you will end up with a square. Note this method works with any size square

  • With the ruler draw light lines from corner to corner and a small circle in the middle where the lines joins - this will act as your cutting guide (do not cut past this guideor it will all fall apart)

  • Once all the lines are cut add a small dab of hot glue to the center of the paper
  • Bring the right corner of each individual trangle to the center, and hold in place until the glue keeps it there (repeat with all four corners attaching with glue as needed)
  • Add a button or pom pom in the center for whimsy 
  • Allow to dry completely 
  • Turn over and glue on the straw

So fun! 
 Thank you for stopping by and enjoy.


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