Friday, September 20, 2013

The Tale of Goldilocks and her Stencil Storage

This is the tale of how Goldilocks found a way to store her stencils.  Storing stencils is about personal preference and you probably want to get it just right.  So in the video below you can follow Goldilock's adventures as she found her way to store stencils.  And if you hadn't figured out, Goldilocks is based on me, Carolyn Dube...

You can click on the names to find out more about the Clip It Up Jumbo and the Top Tier which are in the video.  The floor model info is here.  I bought the J hooks to hang my stencils here and they can found at time here.

A few of the creative team members shared how they store their stencils!

Let's talk about Maria...How does she store her StencilGirl stencils? She is the instigator of the whole Clip It Up storage revolution here among the Creative Team.  She has several floor models where she stores stamps, stencils, really anything she wants in her studio!  And I am green with envy. The next open floor space I find I am getting one of these...

After hearing about Maria's stencil storage solutions Mary Beth is now the proud owner of a floor model of the Clip It Up.

This is what one looks like in Maria McGuire's studio. Notice all her wonderful j hang tabs? She introduced me to the Clip It Up so I returned the favor by introducing her to the j hang tabs.

How does Kirsten Reed store hers? She tells it better than I possibly could....

I actually think I laughed out loud when I was asked to show pictures of my stencil storage system.Hee hee.  Not much of a system here to speak of...just a basket with my 9x12 and smaller stencils in a pile. And yes, I have to dig through the pile, but I don't mind.  It's like a treasure hunt for the perfect one.  I store my larger 12x12 and bigger stencils in a sexy, broken down plastic drawer. But, hey it works for me.  I use paper towels to separate stencils that are thin to keep them from snagging on other ones.

So there you have my "system" all in my unfinished basement I call my "art studio".  Happy stenciling!

Marjie Kemper started out with a single tier spinning rack (Clip It Up) to store her stencils and quickly realized she needed more space. Having the double rack allows her to sort into multiple categories, like "circles" vs "detailed circles" which helps to quickly find just the stencil she has in mind. Truth be told she has a third rack elsewhere in her studio... ssssh.

Janet Joehlin  uses a re-purposed metal tray to hold all her stencils from StencilGirl. 

How you store your stencils is all about what works for you!

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  1. You rock my world Missy C! Great video. Ordering the j hooks now!

  2. Ha... I am with Kirsten Reed. I don't have many stencils yet, but I keep what I have in a broken plastic drawer too! When I finish growing my collection, I am sure I will have to look at a different storage.

  3. Until the 'pushers' (Carolyn & Maria) got me to buy the Clip it Up (which I LOVE btw), I was using a Driscoll Strawberry box. So I totally get it, Kirsten! Everytime someone would ask me about it I tried to avoid answering the question, hehehe.

  4. Carolyn's video cracked me up. Been there! Off to share...

  5. Love it found some J hooks (also called Hook Hang Tabs) on Etsy.

  6. Thanks for sharing the different ways to store stencils. Gives me ideas.

  7. I have a tip about *using* stencils that I hope someone can use. I have limited ability to hold a stencil down on the page because of arthritis... so when I'm stenciling, I put a magnetic sheet behind the paper I'm stenciling on ( and then use either strips cut from another sheet or repurposed magnets from our sonicare toothbrushes to hold the stencil down onto the page. I get very little slippage and blurrage this way (unless that's what I want.) I hope this helps someone else~ please feel free to share if you think it's a worthy tip!


  8. Great idea! I love the J hooks and the hanging idea. Right now I've got mine in file folders by designer...not a bad system, but the hanging idea would make them so much more accessible!

  9. That made me laugh as I have been going through the same problem of storage as well. But sadly I don't have room for your wonderful spinning rack! But thanks for the laugh. x

  10. What a great video and a great way to store stencils!

  11. Magnets! Excellent idea! Stencil storage for this "addict" is binders & page protectors! It's like "digging for treasure"!

  12. OMG, I have those plastic J Hooks, and a clip it up! Slapping my head...... I guess I just didn't want to attach the J-Hooks directly to the stencil, I don't know why... great ideas by everyone.

  13. Great idea! I thought mine were pretty well organized but I like this way better. You can see all of them at one time. Thanks.

  14. wonderful idea. I've got to do this. Thanks for the info

  15. I wish I had enough stencils to have a storage problem!!

  16. I use 12x12 plastic storage boxes from the craft store with handles and a zipper case that artists carry their portfolio in. Wish I could share a picture. I store them by size in plastic sleeves. I have over 250 stencils, lol.

  17. Has Clip it Up gone out of business?


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