Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Circle Love Fest

Mary Beth Shaw's Circle Tiles stencil
Leslie here, having a love-fest with Mary Beth Shaw's fabulous Circle Tiles stencil.  Anyone who has looked at my work knows that I am obsessed with all types of circular shapes.  They reappear in my mark-making, stitching, and quilting with great regularity.  So, naturally, I fell in love with this stencil immediately!
Here are the surfaces I plan to work with.

The postcards were colored with Inktense Blocks and set with matte medium.
(I bought these at an art store while I was in SoCal recently and wanted to play with them).

I also bought a bunch of these large foam daubers, which I adore for using on stencils!
They work great for paint and acrylic inks.

Placing the Circle Tile stencil over the surface of the postcard..

I will cover the surface with white opaque paint.

I wanted to cover the journal pages around the glued-in-place postcards.

I love how this looks!

Now I will work directly onto one of the cards.

I like how the paint partially obscures the image below

Because I don't want to glop a lot of paint onto my work surface I have a 
paper palette next to my work area.  I put a small amount of paint on the palette
and pounce my dauber into it to minimize the amount of paint I pick up with the sponge.

Here is a partially covered paper...

Switching to a Cadminium light red I placed the stencil, point to point,
over a long piece of paper.

In this case I moved the stencil across the paper diagonally, leaving 
some openings to the background exposed

I found this journal while in California with the natural brown paper
and I love it!

I hope you will pick up one of these stencils and play with it.
You will love it!


  1. Just loving this entire post. I want the stencil, love how you used it, and MUST get daubers. I have one question: how do you clean the dauber? With foam brushes, I just toss them (obviously I am seeking a better solution). Thanks for sharing.

    1. Trece, I simply ran water over it repeatedly and "mooshed" (scientific word) out that paint until the water runs clear, then allow it to dry.
      I do the same with foam brushes. They seem to last a long time!

    2. Thanks, I will have to give this a try!!

  2. I love abstract work and this definitely is something I want to try - thanks for the inspiration!

    Carmen L

  3. I loved how you used the circle stencil in a variety of ways. I should have bought those daubers when you did! Great post.

    1. I love these things! They are rapidly becoming some of my favorite tools!

  4. Beautiful Leslie! I'd love to find some of those daubers!

  5. This is just gorgeous! Need a few of those daubers in my studio, too!

  6. tx for sharing lesllie! really awesome cards, how do you guys come up with all these amazing ideas! tx for sharing tips like the foam pouncer, i just started using a foam dabber and it has changed my stencil life! aloha, angi in hana


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