Monday, August 19, 2013

Sea Turtle Play

Hi! Kirsten Reed here making a splash with Andrew Borloz's Connection Full stencil and other fun stencils from StencilGirl Products.  I love the look of this stencil, it reminds me of the sun reflecting off of the ripples in the water ~ so it will serve as my water on my canvas today.

I spent some time at the beach and was inspired by all the baby turtles hatching and making their way to the water, so I decided to make a baby turtle.

I used a 5x7 canvas in my video which is not my comfort zone, I tend to like larger canvases, but it is a great size to try when playing with new techniques.

It is only my second attempt at a video and I was actually speaking while taping, but the audio and video did not match up so I typed key points over the tape.   If you have any questions please fee free to leave it in the comment section.

Hope you like my cute little man of the sea!

Here are links to the other stencils you saw me use in the video:

Thank you for stopping by ~ hope you enjoyed!  For more fun art stuff, come join me at my blog ~ Keystrokes & Kaleidoscopes.



  1. Kristen, it's stunning! I love everything about it. You're so creative!

  2. this is so much fun. It definitely has an islandy feel to it - almost like batik. Love how you combined the stencils and your color palette is beautiful.

  3. Love this wow! Sweet turtle love. It came out so great.....xox

  4. He is one handsome fellow! Thanks for sharing how you created him.

  5. Amazing technique using the stencils to fill in your the little guy:)

  6. Incredible use of stencil parts Kirsten! Welcome to the world of video!!!

  7. Super cool project, Kirsten! Love the island blue color palette! Your turtle is just amazing. Great technique of using only pieces'n'parts of the stencils!

  8. I love working on small canvases too! Your turtle came out wonderful! Thanks for showing how to work with the stencils!

    Carmen L

    1. Carmen
      I don't normally like anal canvas, so out was a little out of my comfort zone. Glad you devoted!

    2. Small...not anal. Oh my autocorrect is good for a laugh I guess!

  9. the hawaiian word for turtle is "honu", i don't think i have ever seen such a beautiful honu! i am just amazed at what u created using all those stencils, i never would have thought to do that, but i will now! that is why i love stencil girl, i am learning something new every week! mahalo to maria and all the great artists at SG for sharing and inspiring! aloha, angi in hana


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