Friday, August 16, 2013

Stencil FUNdamental with Paint

Stencil FUNdamentals shows you fun ways to get started with stencils.  Today I am playing with acrylic paint and Intersecting Circle Brick by Lizzie Mayne.  

2 slightly different looks depending on how you use the brush.
On the left, a quick juicy paint brush of paint swished back and forth.  
On the right, a drier brush pounced up and down.

Mixing 2 colors of paint directly on the stencil for subtle variation. 

Not very subtle here- a rainbow of color!

I used acrylic paint but the skies the limit with different mediums you can use with a stencil!
Now it is your turn to play!

Carolyn Dube

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  1. Thank you Carolyn Dube! Truly you are the FUN enabler!

    1. Thanks Jessica! The more the merrier when it comes to fun!

  2. Not very subtle from you is always good. Do like the pouncing technique though, that softer look is nice for certain projects. Thanks for the demo! xox

  3. You are so right Corrine that the softer look is good in some cases and the other look is good in some. Nice to be able to pick the look you want.

  4. Very cool I like the rainbow one and I never noticed the way the paint can look so different with a change in brush stroke on a stencil. Thanks for sharing this Carolyn! :)

  5. Glad you enjoyed it Juniper Goods!

  6. I should have known this was yours. It was love at first sight. I'm addicted to rainbows AND mosaic and drawn to bricks and circles, so, win win win win. Top of my "Things to Buy When I Cash My First Paycheck" list. Another million thanks :-)

    1. Thanks! I agree- there are so many great things about this stencil!

  7. Carolyn,LOVE IT!! You inspire creative play! Thank you!
    Pamm Moore-Haley

  8. Great video! Love the different effects based on control/brush. And I always love hearing you say "But Wait! There's More!"

  9. Love this great video, Carolyn! I just got my first order from StencilGirl and will be ready to play in my studio tomorrow. I am a fan of the pouncing (neater) technique, but am learning to embrace my sense of urgency, too! ;-) I am so glad that you have "hooked up" with StencilGirl. Together, you not only inspire me, but motivate me! Thanks!


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