Thursday, August 15, 2013

StencilGirl Guest Designer Jessica Sporn

Maria we have a Guest Post from StencilGirl Stencil Artist Jessica Sporn
You can find all of Jessica's stencil designs on our StencilGirl Products.
Take it away Jessica!!!!

Jessica Sporn here today to show you how
I isolated different parts of several stencils to get the look I wanted for this angel.

I don't always want to cover my entire page or
canvas with one design; sometimes a stencil can look
completely different if you use just a part of it.

This angel came alive my studio because I looked at one of the stencils from January 2013 StencilClub and saw an angel wing in it.  I used artists tape to mask off the parts of the stencil I didn't want to use, to create this lovely wing shape.

Here's a fast forward video of my process.

It all started with an empty tin from Derwent Inktense Blocks. 

I like to take all of my supplies out of their containers and store them
where I can see them.  It's a bit messy, but it works for me!

I covered the tin with book pages using matte medium.


Then I painted over the book pages using several cool colors to get
an atmospheric background.  I used a baby wipe to wipe paint away
through two new stencils I have coming out soon.  Remember that you can use your stencils to get a positive effect - by stippling or spraying paint through the openings, or a negative effect, by painting and then wiping away paint through the openings.

In addition to using part of the StencilClub stencil for my angel's wings, I used a small portion of my Apples and Pomegranate stencil for her dress.  Here she is, before she got her face on!

Then I used just a portion of this 6 x 6 stencil from StencilClub to create a scalloped border over my angel.

A quote from Proverbs seemed to go with her perfectly.

I hope this post inspires you to look at your stencils in a different way.  Try putting a piece of paper over parts of them, and see what jumps out at you.

Thank you Jessica for the beautiful project and tutorial!
Make sure you stop back tomorrow for another FUNdamenetal from Carolyn Dube!


  1. So lovely. Love isolating different parts of a stencil. You made it so beautiful. Now, what happened to your daughter's knees?

    1. ahhh - she fell while running to rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland. Healing nicely though. xoxo

  2. Beautiful Angel. Love the video, you make it look so effortless....nice demo on using a part of the stencil for interest! Hope those scraped knees are okay? xox

  3. Loved hearing narration in your video! Great use of a stencil to make the wings out of just a part. Beautiful project--thank you so much for Guest Designing for us today!!! :)

  4. Totally brilliant to use just *parts* of stencils, Jessica. I promise to try out that technique! You angel is beautiful and I loved seeing you create her (she reminds me a bit of Judy Shea with those beautiful curls!). I love that you used voice over rather than music in the video. It helps me to also "hear" the process! Kudos and thanks to you on this great tutorial!

  5. Wow - so many great techniques!

  6. This was great!!! Beautifully crafted.

  7. Loved the sneak peeks of the new stencils for the club! Always enjoy the process Jessica! It really does encourage me to just play

  8. Love how you've used parts of stencils!

  9. I'm going to be "saving" my containers from the recyclable bin to use on my art! Great inspiration and techniques!

    Carmen L

  10. Like you, I like to isolate and use only part of stencils. And you have done it to great effect here!

  11. Fabulous project and a great tute. Love how your keen eyes picked out parts of the stencils to use.

  12. i love your angel jessica, tx for sharing and inspiring! aloha, angi in hana

  13. Wonderful, beautiful job,Jessica! A real WOW!


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