Sunday, September 8, 2013

Frida Fun

Wow! I am  having fun playing with this month's Stencil Club stencils!  Pam Carriker really outdid herself with these stencils.  I love faces and this one is no exception.    

I've got a confession along with the step-by-step photos and a video of how to make the flowers in her hair with tape over on my blog, A Colorful Journey.  

Pam Carriker has a great video about the these stencils here. You can see the video and all the details about Stencil Club here.  

Carolyn Dube

Stop back on Monday because Leslie Tucker Jennison has lots of stencil fun for you! 


  1. Sweet flowers for her are a clever one.

  2. I love what she made. Great idea about the flower and really enjoyed the video. So glad I will be getting this stencil this month.

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