Monday, September 9, 2013

Flying Tulips!

Hi!  Leslie here to show you how much I love this gorgeous stencil from SteniclGirl!  I love the cool graphic quality of this pattern as it is something I will use over an entire page, and as a linear feature or in small areas.  It makes a great "wallpaper" effect on the page as well as on fabric.
First I am adding some red paint to a previous project for an additional layer.
I'm working on both edges of the page.

Can you see Mary Beth Shaw's Circle Tiles stencil from StencilGirl in the mix?
By adding the Flying Tulips on the edges, I think it gives a sort of "brambly" look.

To further differentiate the background from the foreground I edged the red paint with a black pen.

I was thinking of a house set in a "secret garden".
The letters were filled in with white opaque marker to bring the house shape forward.

I wanted to cover the page in my sketchbook with the stencil, but really
disliked how the white marker looked on this paper!

So, I write over the surface of the page...

And then I used my fun dauber with some Modern Masters Iron paint.
I think this paint was past its prime as it was a bit separated.
I like the staining of the page, however.  I'll take it!

The dried paint is a very faint tint.  Perfect for the next layer.

I covered the page again with black paint.


Now I use a palette knife to cover the back of my Secret Garden page.

I positioned the page in the sketchbook.

After placing a sheet of parchment over the page to prevent sticking I used whatever was at hand to weight the page.

It dried nice and flat!

I decided to use the stencil on a piece of solid gray fabric:

...and acrylic ink

I love this faded mark!

I added some Setacolor transparent black paint....

and added two rows of opaque white paint

and marked the edges with a gel roller texile pen

I like the depth of the faint ink stencil marks.
This piece of cloth will be fun to use in a future project!


  1. Neat techniques. I especially love the Modern Masters Iron paint over top your writing. Love the tonal contrasts.

  2. Love how that looks on fabric! So many great ideas in here! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the layering of this made that stencil rock on the fabric. xox

  4. So cool, Leslie.. fabric and stencils = love.

  5. I love what you did with this stencil.

  6. Just looking at the pictures is magical; a fun fix when there's no time to stencil.

  7. I love Seth's stencils and the elephant one as well. Stencils are so much fun to play with.

  8. I am so excited to have discovered this blog as well as all of the others. I've been altering books, on my own inspiration, trying techniques that I thought would provide the look I desired, but I haven't been terribly successful. Seeing what all of you have done, the results that are so amazing has been transforming. I can't wait to get some of Seth's stencils and embark on a journey, again! I am an elephant lover - gotta get one of them!


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