Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bananas for StencilClub!

Maria here....

Yes, sometimes I think I'm going bananas, but this time it is for the EXCLUSIVE StencilClub stencils for September designed by Pam Carriker
Incase you have missed what the stencils look like, let me give you a little look!

Yesterday, on my own blog, I did a project with Frida but for this project I thought I'd use the monkey and leaf for the focus of my post. I started with a background in my art journal and added the monkey.

As soon as I added the monkey somehow I thought of bananas...I guess I was hungry so I added the tree. I started with the leaves and then taped off a section for the trunk. Wood Icing, sold by StencilGirl, was used with the rose stencil to add texture to the bark. LOVE, LOVE the texture it gave!!!

I just know that you would go BANANAS over our StencilClub.
Want to know more???? You can find all you need to know on our website...but don't delay! 
The last day to become a member this month is the 12th....then the monkey, Frida, the rose.....they will be gone!

Have any questions about StencilClub? Leave a comment below or send me a message right over there on the right hand side of the blog!

Tomorrow, Janet Joehlin will be back with another post for you!!


  1. This page is fantastic and the texture if superb. We are all going a bit bananas these days aren't we....xox

  2. Oh my gosh! Thai is absolutely adorable, Maria! Love your textures and rich colors!

  3. Love how you used the stencils to build your own tree! Brilliant way to use them!!

  4. I love this! I see so much potential in these Frida stencils by Pam that I broke down and joined SG Club yesterday! Can't wait to get my own set so I can go bananas too! Love ya Maria!

  5. That wood icing sounds incredible! I love the bark texture you achieved.

  6. That flowery tree bark is really cool!!!

  7. Love the rose tree bark, it really is nifty! Adorable monkey too and the background you have on the page is vibrant and fun too.


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