Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Using StencilGirl Stencils at CREATE

Hello StencilGirl lovers!
During the third week of August,
StencilGirl spent time in Chicago at CREATE.
Mary Beth Shaw taught classes and StencilGirl
had a busy stencil booth on Friday night.

My Saturday class was with Leighanna Light.
Beyond the Vintage Metal Deck: Taking the Mystery Out of Working with Metal.
It was the perfect place to try some of my new stencils

We used Tin and Aluminum to make metal cards.
We sanded them and prepped them...
We collaged and painted them....

Artist Designer - Tracie Lyn Huskamp

We used products I had never heard of...
Copper Metallic Surfacer
and Blackened Bronze Metallic Surfacer.

Artist Designer - Maria McGuire

We used gesso with the stencils
but another gal and I tried using the copper surfacer 
daubed through the stencil for a different look.
It didn't work real well...we acheived no detail...
so we tried mixing the copper surfacer with gesso,
not really knowing what we would get.
Well....we got this brown color.
Not real coppery or shiny...but pretty cool!

Artist Designer - Maria McGuire

I think I used texture stencils on every single metal card! 

Artist Designer - Pam Carriker

Artist Designer - Pam Carriker

Artist Designer - Michelle Ward 


I stamped all the backs with words or other designs using Stazon Ink.
I painted parts of them with the copper or blackened finishes.
It gave them incredible surfaces.
To finish them off I stenciled textures onto the rust.
There are so many layers to these!

Artist Designer - Maria McGuire

Leighanna Light was a patient teacher!
At the very end of class she showed us how to stamp holes into the metal
and give our decks personal touches with wire, beads and charms.
Thanks to Leighanna and a fun-loving Saturday class.

One advantage to attending a mixed media art venue like CREATE
is that you can try new art mediums and techniques and teachers.
Sometimes you even learn what you don't like!
Metal working is not for everyone!

Regardless, you come away with a great finished project!

And I was very tickled to be able to use some of my new StencilGirl Stencils.

Happy Stenciling!


  1. Amazing, Janet!!!
    I'm inspired to try stenciling on metal now, too! Thank you!

  2. Your finished metal deck came out you did make a spectacular piece from that class and I still love the size of your pieces and how you used ALL those stencils. xox

  3. Your metal deck is beyond amazing! I love that you made it Janet by making it the size you wanted!

  4. Wow!! Is there an online class for these or something like them?
    thank you!

  5. That deck looks incredible. And I love the fact that you experimented along the way.

  6. I would have thought that a metal class would have produced glittery final products and passed on it. If I could create something that looked as good as one of your cards I could die a happy crafter!


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