Monday, September 30, 2013

One StencilGirl Stencil.... Same But Different!

This is how it started.....
 designed by Jamie Fingal.
 I was thinking how versatile this stencil is
and how I could probably use it in my Daily every day!
I know that would not end well...
But it got me to thinking about what a great tool it would be....
****If I taught a class in doodling a Daily****
Out came my extra book....
Second version.......
That was Fun! 
I grabbed the wrong book for my third version...
But still awesome!
I like how the little squares became blue bricks.
Fun Fun Fun! 
I HAD to do a Black and White for version number four.
I used a hand carved chair stamp...
which made me think about porches and friends. 
Back to my extra book (now a teaching tool) for version number five...
I used a random date with letter stamps.
It totally reminds me of that Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks.
More Fun! 
The blue bricks from version number three
influenced my red bricks.
A Christmas page, of course....
And one more... 
Next to the Dec 25 page is my last one....
a Happy New Year Version.
Complete with snow flakes
and a dreamy stained glass kind of window.

Three elements on one stencil,
seven times, 
and I only touched the tip of the iceburg!

Which is your favorite?

What Fun!
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and see the other things I do in my Daily.

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  1. Love these, Janet, and love the detail of your Dailies! Hope you get to teach a class with these soon.

  2. What a bunch of cheery doors, wouldn't mink knocking on every one. xox

  3. "knock knock knocking on Janet's door".. lol. I use the word "amazing" a lot, but I really mean it when I see this kind of art. Beautious!!! I love that black and white.

  4. The use of this stencil is only limited by one's imagination, and your is limitless.

  5. I love #3 - doodling is so much fun!
    those doors can lead to all sorts of discoveries and adventures....

  6. Nice job, Janet! Love all these ideas.

  7. whew hew.. I love how you just went crazy with possibilities! so very very cool.


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