Friday, November 15, 2013

Stenciled Face Studies with StencilGirl Stencils

Hello Stencil Friends!
Janet here....
Do you ever get a new stencil and say...Hmmmm?
Well, I got the Journal Prompt Face Stencil
designed by Pam Carriker
and seriously wondered if I could get
my face to look natural and lifelike.
I actually started out the page with ONE face
on the left hand side and Loved how it turned out.
Then I wondered how a blue-eyed head would look...

Wow! A whole different complexion!
Then I stenciled the third head and wondered about the shading...
And the blue face emerged!!!!
Well now I was hooked!
Do you ever feel like if you want to get good at something
you need to do it over and over and over again?

Practice does not make perfect...
but Practice is Fun!

I tried shading with more than one color too.
A touch of blue...A touch of purple...
A touch of green....
I have SO much more practicing to do!
I used Pam's Journal Prompt Hand Stencil in the center fold.
I thought I did not want to do a face with the crease in it.
I was just playing with shading anyways....
and I Do have a thing about hands!
Then I filled in the rest of the spread with 'heads'....

I like how they are the same but different!
They all started with the same shape and dimensions...
But they were all slightly modified.
Same but Different!
Just like Real Life!

Don't forget the highlights in the eyes and on the lips
to make them more life-like.

Yes, I did want to mention her pock marked face.
No she does not have acne.
At one point I still saw stencil lines through my work.
I wanted her to be more life-like so I gessoed those areas.
In my impatience to keep working I used a heat gun...
hence the bubbly texture that looks like acne scars!
The poor girl!
I guess everyone has a story! Even her!

I seem to always go back to my doodles for fill-ins.
It is fun to play with colors and shapes and lines.

Thanks for visiting!
Come visit my blog...
and see what else I do!
Happy Arting!

Maria here....before you go!
The winner in the Blog Hop featuring Jane LaFazio is!


  1. Janet, this is an absolutely stunning spread! I love all the colour and your faces are incredible!

    1. Thanks Linda! It all starts with a good stencil! xo

  2. Oh my gosh Janet, you blow me away with this one!!!! Unbelievable. So very cool. I don't have enough superlatives :)

    1. MB, You are so kind. Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this!!!! I love being on you team. XO

  3. Wowza!!!! Love what you did Janet!!!! Awesome use of my stencils, just amazing! xo Pam

  4. Gorgeous colours! Congrats to Traci...lucky girl.

  5. This stencil is a definite must have! I have always wanted to be able to learn to draw faces that LOOK like a face! This might be the ticket to completion of that dream! As soon as my budget allows I will be ordering this and start practicing so I can see if it will finally happen! TFS!


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