Friday, December 20, 2013

Stencil Packing Tape Transfer!

Welcome everyone!  Paula Phillilps aka JournalArtista here!

I am excited to share a NEW stencil technique with you today which reinvents the packing tape transfer!  
Check out the video:

A few other tips:

Consider your stencil choice wisely!  The above picture shows the page completely covered with tape ready to be dipped in water.  The fine lines of this design caused the removal of the tape to be a little tricky and difficult.  You also may tear your stencil if there is very fine detail in the design, so choose bold designs such as the ones below designed by the wonderful Mary Beth Shaw.

I have found many free/cheap magazines easily peel off.  With the magazine page facing up gently peel the page back.

Other times may prove to be more difficult such as this glossy magazine image shown below.  No worries! Continue to soak and rub the paper off with your finger until there are no paper fibers left.

I LOVE this stencil designed by Mary Beth Shaw for this technique.  This page also shows that a little ripped tape still looks great!!

Don't forget to transfer some words or script as well as images.

Since recording the video I have been playing around with what types of supplies and techniques will work on top of the tape.

A layer of matte medium or soft gel medium works very well.  Assure medium is completely dry before adding any other layers.

A Sharpie China Marker will easily draw over the packing tape transfer, as does the


  1. You have put in a lot of time and effort to produce a truly amazing technique! Nice work!

  2. I was totally captivated by your video!!! I rarely watch this long of one all the way through, but I was glued to it. You have the most adorable accent.....of course, being Canadian!.....and that was part of the charm, but I loved watching your technique. What amazing effects you have achieved! Hehehehe.....I chuckled every time you puzzled over positive or I'm not sure which way it is on this, either!! Whichever way, I am already thinking of how I can incorporate this into my crafting. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this and for sharing it with us!! Have a lovely Christmas!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  3. Thank you so much for this demo....I'm off to try it.

  4. Quite fun, great demo. xox

  5. Great idea, Paula. Pushing that envelope really paid off. Have a great holiday.

  6. What a neat technique!! I had not seen this video before nor thought of using packing tape with a stencil. It's always great to learn new ways to use all our great SG stencils!

  7. I really like this technique. I have all of the stencil girl stencils you used, so I am going to try this over the next year. I do have a question, once you have the tape on a page, how do you add more layers or should it be the last layer for the page?

  8. I am a Technique Junkie and this is a Technique I need to play with. of course you can use many layers underneath, but what will stick to the packing tape of you want to layer something on top (other than more packing tape)? Acrylic paint, permanent markers, adhesives, clear or otherwise? I really need to play with this one.

  9. Do you have another link to this video? It's not loading for me... just a big blank spot on your page.

  10. Tape failure during transit, storage or packing can result in intense frustration, expensive breakage, lost time and money, compromised storage, and even physical harm should a box or plastic bin.


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