Friday, December 13, 2013

StencilGirl Blog Hop Featuring Sue Pelletier

Maria here....

Welcome to the StencilGirl Blog Hop 

If you don't know Sue, you are in for a treat! 
If you do know Sue, sit back and enjoy because I can't think of a better way to take a few minutes for yourself! 
Sue's zest for life is contagious!

Sue's stencils are like NO OTHER here at StencilGirl. 
Here's a little look at her designs!
You can also see them all on our website HERE.

The team will be using a variety of these stencils today and guess what!!!??
Sue is even hopping with us!
Get a nice warm drink, sit back and join us for some inspiration Sue Pelletier style!


Leave a comment on each blog along the way! The more times you comment the more chances you have to win!

One lucky winner will be be receiving a 9" x 12" Loose Woman and a 6" x 6" Loose Dress stencil from StencilGirl Products!
Comments will be open until Tuesday, December 17, 2013 (one comment per person on each blog please). 

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell Sue what you think of her stencils and what you would like to see from her NEXT!

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Ready to HOP??!!

StencilGirl Talk YOU are here!
Sue Pelletier GO here NEXT!


  1. Loose woman really appeals to me...what great stencils!

  2. Just went right through to the end of the hop. What a fabulous variety of projects and technique.... all very inspiring. Thanks for that.

  3. I haven't come across Sue's work before but I love the 'Loose Woman' stencil!

  4. I love Sues stencils. Need to get me some!

  5. That dancing girl stencil is me! How did Sue do it?! heehee Love her new stencils!

  6. So delighted to be on this blog hop with Sue's terrific stencils!

  7. What a delightful blog hop and all in one day. I am definitely going together more of Sue's stencils.

  8. I found this Give-away/Blog hop through Linda Cain. I would really love to win Stencil Girl Stencils, I think they are very unique....Hope I win this time!

  9. Wonderful blog hop! I would love to win.

  10. Thanks for the hop full of great projects!

  11. Omg these are awesome!! There just aren't enough people stencils out there, esp for people like me who can't draw, lol. I've had my eye on the stencilgirl products for quite some time, but I'm on a budget since I got sick and can't work. Which is how I discovered mixed media art and now am truly obsessed!! I love these! Thank you for the opportunity to win, you're so generous, crazy generous! Lol....

    Happy holidays,

  12. I'm lovin' these hops! Merry Christmas to us!

  13. This was such a fun hop! So many ideas for the Loose Dress stencil, however I think I love the Loose Woman stencil morel! Ohhh, I just can't decide! My inner child is already designing with them both. Thank you for the opportunity to win these fabulous stencils!

  14. Sue love your stencils!

  15. I would love a stencil from Sue - definitely making the hops! The stencil with the little dress LOVE! Thanks for the giveaway...have a blessed Christmas.

  16. Sue your Loose Women Stencils indicate for me to embrace the freedom of being the unique individual I am and your Loose Dress stencils take me back to dressing paper dolls.
    And next, how about putting your slant on hearts incorporating words, buildings or animals...
    Thanks for your liberating inspiration.

  17. Love the loose women stencils. They are so full of movement, even the clothes. How about mushroom houses or Japanese traditional houses or different trees.
    Susan Samuel

  18. Sue, your loose women stencils are out-of-sight! They just make me smile and make me feel like that is exactly what I would like to do. Just get loose and flitter around! Would love to win any one of your new stencils. Thanks.

  19. OK, let the "dress hop" start!
    I'm ready!

  20. i love your women stencils!! so unique!! Would love to win!

  21. I love these stencils! What fun they would be to play with!

  22. Love the Loose Women stencils and the poses. Great dresses too. Look like they could be a lot of fun movement to a page.

  23. love the little girl dress and Loose women stencils.

  24. Finally - something that looks like me (more or less). I don't think I could get into some of the positions she can - but it is fun to dream. The hop was great. So many clever ideas. I am going to get into more of this - get out of the box and have fun. Make a mess. thanks for the designs. Thanks also for having the hop.

  25. These stencils are so very different from each other. I really like both sets.Maybe some new stencils with windows and doors.

  26. Me alegro mucho el haber visitado todos los blogs porque ha sido un gran placer comprobar las posibilidades de las plantillas y además poder disfrutar con los tutoriales

  27. Love the dresses and love stencil girl! Hope I win!


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