Monday, December 16, 2013

StencilGirl Christmas Ornaments

Hello Stencil Lovers!
Janet here with a quick idea
 on making Christmas Ornaments
for your family and friends.
First you need a great shape!
On this project I used Michelle Ward's classic
I traced the shape onto the back side of my wool with a Sharpie. 
Felt would also work... just something that doesn't unravel.

Stitch a design, or a name, or a button, or anything you want
onto the right side of your front piece.
Lay your 'front' onto a larger contrasting 'back'
and run a stitch around the edge.
Stuff a cotton ball or a small amount of batting to give it dimension.
Not too much...just a little for puffiness.
You need to sew in a hanger at the top point, too. 
I used a couple kinds of ribbon....
Then trim the back
an eighth inch to a quarter inch or so from the front.
It makes a nice contrast.

Super Easy!
Super Quick!

I am probably not the only one
who gives Christmas Ornaments
to my kids every year.
I have made many by hand over the years.
It is a trip down memory lane
when we pull out the boxes to decorate the tree.

Merry Christmas.
Happy Holidays.
Seasons Greetings.
Happy New Year. 
Whatever you say....
Say it from your heart.
Happy Arting to you all!

Stencils Used: 


  1. What a beautiful idea! Thanks Janet...maybe I can do this for next year.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Miss MarveLes from Montana! You do beautiful work too!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jane. I really admire your art. Thanks for the compliment. It means alot!

  4. Whew.. there you go again, Janet. Just amazing. I want to sit in your pocket and be your art elf. These are gorgeous!!!

    1. Oh Judy. You can come over anytime! I wish we lived close!


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