Thursday, January 30, 2014

StencilGirl Anatomy Lessons

Hi Stencil Lovers!
Janet here from Happy Reminders.
Did you take Anatomy & Physiology classes in school?
HaHaHa...Not Me! The extent of my learning comes 
from Pam Carriker's Stencil designs!
I used the A-Nat-A-My Articulated Figure in this first spread.
I began by just drawing the figure to see how varied I could get.
 I tried posing the limbs of this body stencil...
I held the joints in one place and tilted the limbs in different directions.
 Let's see...the ankle bone's connected to the leg bone....
It sure was fun playing with him!
I think this stencil will be very helpful in my journaling.
So...where to put him?.....
As if I didn't have enough to do in my day...
starting January First
I began something called The Documented Life Project.
It's very small (a Moleskine Weekly Planner)
and I am able to carry it in my purse.
I have slipped it into my Daily Art Routine.

 The paper is very thin and not meant to have wet media used on it...
so I gessoed over it and used my usual markers and pens and paints. 

I love that the print shows through from 
the Calling Code page of this Moleskine Planner. 
No need to worry that I will let my Daily 
slip into obscurity....
I had one more of Pam's new stencils and I went to a back page in my Daily

For this one I used the Articulated Hand Stencil.
Wow! Was it ever challenging!

I also used the Flower of Life Stencil
designed by Mary Beth Shaw.
I love the flowers....or are they just a pattern of triangles?....hmmmm.... 
I started on the white paper with the hand and the word CONNECT.
I scribble journaled my thoughts on the meaning of the word
in a clear Glaze Pen from Sakura
and then did my blending with markers and pens over it.
I added the Flower of Life Stencil
and did more color blending on that.
I stamped the words ways you never thought of 
in Stazon On Ink.

And now the spread is ready to meld into my Daily journaling. 
Isn't Art fun?
Don't you love how you can make stencils your very own?

Happy Arting everyone!


  1. Janet, you are too wild! I never would have thought (in a million years) of moving the 'parts' of the mannequin in this way, you are such a clever girl.

  2. These are very inspiring pages. Thanx

  3. as always, I marvel at your work. Beautiful and inspiring.

  4. Great stencils for the drawing challenged folk. Love what you did with them.

  5. Wonderful! There's some adorable art to see over here! Beautiful journaling!
    Claudia x

  6. Well, weather you took that class or not, THIS art is a wonderful idea.


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