Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chevron Doily Stencil Black Gesso Ghosting With JournalArtista

Welcome friends!  Paula Phillips aka JournalArtista here!

I am so excited to share an awesome background technique using the Chevron Doily stencil designed by the wonderful Maria McGuire.

This background starts off with a coat of black gesso, or two coats of black craft paint.  I like the gesso or craft paint due to it's tooth, or chalk-like feel. 

Once gesso is dry, spray Dylusions (or Adirondack) ink repeatedly through a stencil of your choice, here I used Warped Holes 6 Stencil designed By Lizzie Mayne

I also prepared a few other pages by spraying ink through the Chevron Doily stencil and Numbers Stencil designed by Seth Apter.  Try spraying multiple colors for the ultimate effect.

Next we get out the Gelli plate!  Here I am using the 8x10 plate from Gelli Arts.  Add a few drops of light colored paint and spread with your brayer.

Next, stamp your stencil onto the wet paint to get a relief print.

Flip your art journal or paper that has been gessoed and sprayed onto the Gelli Plate.  Press into Gelli Plate evenly, I like to stand up to assure I get proper pressure.

 Gently lift your journal (or paper) off of the Gelli Plate to reveal your pattern:

The wonderful sprays will bloom through the paint as it dries!  This can be sped up with a heat gun.

The same technique can be done with clear gesso over scrapbook paper.  Cover your patterened paper with a good layer of clear gesso, let dry.  Add a layer of spray ink through your stencil.

Prime your Gelli Plate with light colored paint.  Here I chose to use a Catalyst Wedge to create circles through the paint.

As per above, place patterned paper onto Gelli Plate and lift.  

The fun thing about this technique is that you can get an awesome second print.  Above shows how the spray ink will transfer from your page/paper to the Gelli Plate.  Place a second piece of paper, or another page of your art journal, onto the plate and pull the print.  Below shows first print on left, and second print on the right.

 Here are a few more prints using the same technique, layering on top of prior prints:

To finish your page, dab a darker paint through a coordinating stencil.  Here I used the same Chevron Doily stencil for the first layer, as well as the last.  

I hope you try this out, I can't wait to see what you create!!
Much LOVE,


  1. I just love seeing you create all of these colorful pages!

  2. Lovely work and some great tips. Thanks.

  3. absolut stunning techniques Paula! Thanks a lot!

  4. Well isn't that cool!!! I have learned something today and will need to try this out. Nicely done, Paula :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I just spent an hour playing with this idea and love the results. Posted them on my blog if you want to see them. I didn't want to post them here - wasn't sure if that was proper blog etiquette :) dawnhartigan.blogspot.com


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