Tuesday, March 25, 2014

StencilGirl Chevron Set #4 Art Journaling With Ballpoint Pens

Welcome Friends!  Paula Phillips AKA Journal Artista here!

I am so excited to share an art journal project using Chevron Set #4 stencil by Andrew Borloz

I started the page with two thick coats of gesso.  (Wondering why or when to use gesso?  Check out my video here!!)

My favorite pens for art journaling are BIC Cristal's (I found mine at WalMart).  For this project I used the thick 1.6mm point. They will write over everything!!   I traced the Chevron Set #4 stencil with the pen pressing heavily into the gesso:

Next, take a few colors of acrylic paint and scrape over pen designs using an old gift card.  I started with two colors of Golden Hign Flow acrylics.  Due to the thin viscosity of these paints they didn't settle too much into the ridges left by the pen and stencil.

Once dry, I added a dark blue craft paint (you can use any acrylic paint you happen to have) and covered the entire page completely.  Immediately take a baby wipe or wet cloth and remove the paint through the stencil.

I then chose a second color of BIC pen, a light green, and traced more chevrons using a heavy hand.

I like to add a bit of black to my background at this stage.  I usually turn to rubber stamps, but this time chose a bit of Washi tape for texture.

Next, chose a contrasting color.  I chose to use Funky Fuchsia Dylusions from Ranger.  I like to add accents in three's, assuring that I place the stencil overlapping the edges and the Washi tape.

In this close up you can see the first and second layer of pen work as well as all of the other layers.

After spraying the ink I felt it was a little messy.  Rather than getting frustrated, I tilted my journal to let the excess spray run down as well as giving it a little blow of air to aid it along.  See?  I meant for that messy look of course!  (wink, wink)  I also added a chevron stamp and small black dots in permanent black ink as a final touch.

Ready for a little bonus technique??  I am still working to perfect it, but give it a try to see how you do!

Start by layering thin Washi Tape over your stencil:

Choose either a pen or a craft knife to score the tape against the edge of the stencil:

Carefully remove and voila!  I know, it's a little ragged.  Again, I'm still testing the technique.  I would love to see what you come up with! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Much Love,

Paula aka JournalArtista


  1. Paula, You are so awesome!! Love the washi tape technique. Going to have to give a go. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

  2. agreed! You are so great at sharing and I learn lots. This is very cool!

  3. Paula, love the chevron look....more ideas are swarming through my head . lol

  4. The chevrons worked well. Thanks for the washi tape tip.... must try it.

  5. Love the washi tape/stencil technique! Gotta try it!

  6. Where did you getthe filmstrip tape? I love the stencil tape technique too ....

  7. Chevrons have been around for a while, you do wonders with them thanks for sharing


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