Wednesday, March 12, 2014

StencilGirl Guest Designer Gina Rossi Armfield

Hi!  My name is Gina Rossi Armfield and I am the artist behind No Excuses Art!

My style is fast, fun and easy.  I like to take away all of your excuses as to why you can't create so that you feel inspired and confident.

My favorite medium is pen and ink and watercolor!  It is the mainstay of my art and journaling and the spotlight in my book No Excuses Art Journaling ~ Making Time for Creativity!  

I often find that my students are afraid to draw and so they shy away from using these mediums. 

I have found that a great way to take away that "excuse" is to use a stencil!

Choose a stencil with a definitive shape such as this Cat Stencil designed by Cecilia Swatton for StencilGirl Products.

This Cat stencil just happens to be the Deal of the Day at StencilGirl Products!

Using a waterproof ink pen to draw the stencil outline on watercolor paper.

Now you have a contour drawing of the image.

This is a great first step that gives you confidence to proceed.

Use watercolor to paint the image using a photo for reference - as with the cats.  I just googled- cat sitting images -and got a slew to use as references for my work.

After my paint was dry I went back over with pen and added small details to the face.

insert cat artwork here

Another way to use a stencil with watercolor is in an expressive journal page.
I used this Anatomy Female Figure stencil designed by Pam Carriker for StencilGirl Products.

I first used a waterproof ink pen to draw the stencil image.

I then made a free and organic background using watercolors sprinkled with salt.

I then painted the woman using different colors to represent the different part of a woman's body.

I blew the paint so that it trailed outward.

After the watercolor was dry I went back in with pen and wrote words on the drips.


  1. Stunning work Gina and a really creative use of the stencils. Great idea to use the outlines, especially if one isn't confident in their drawing skills.

  2. Great ideas for getting timid arts to jump in and get playing Gina!

  3. Love the idea of using a stencil to take away the fear of poor drawing skills. I wouldn't have thought stencils would work with watercolors, but they do and beautifully! What you did with the woman stencil is inspiring.

  4. Gina, thank you for this innovative way to use my stencil Cats! It was a fun surprise to find this in today's blog post!

  5. Inspiring Gina. Making stencils I dividual is always a problem for me.

  6. It looks so different using watercolor. I love it!

  7. These are great ideas for using the stencils, and beautiful work from Gina!

  8. A stencil of cats! Who knew?? A marvelous suggestion from Gina, and a fabulous bit of cat-ness to use in art!

  9. Wonderful and inspiring post, Gina!


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