Thursday, June 5, 2014

June StencilClub In My Daily

Hi Stencil Lovers! 
Janet here from Happy Reminders!
Look at these happy stencils designed by Jamie Fingal for the June StencilClub!
You can tell she loves quilting by these delightful designs!

I am here today to preview these stencils in my Daily Journal.
These hexagons from the 9x12 stencil make a great border.

The 6x6 stencil has the variety of stitch lines
which make great edgings and dividers for my days.

I love these bright bold colors!

How about this one?
The 9x12 stencil also sports this little bird!
The early bird does get the worm after all!
Do you like the green border? 

I masked off part of one of the hexi designs to create this triangle.
When you take pieces and parts of a stencil it extends 
the whole realm of design possibilities!

And lastly... 
I went into the middle of my next blank journal
 and played while I had some TV time with the hubby.
The center area is ready for some journaling when I get that far!
I want to point out this paper quilt I made!
See! If you never thought you could ever in a million years make a quilt......
I am saying... Yes You Can!
Ha Ha Ha!
This one kind of has a 1930's to 1950's feel to it.
The quilters back then used a lot of worn clothing for quilt tops...
including gingham checked shirts.
It just has that feel to me....

There you go! 
I didn't even get around to showing you 
what I did with the smallest 4x4 Bobbins Stencil.

I can't wait to see what you have done with them!!!
Happy Arting!


  1. Oh I love how you used the stencils. Color, black and white, stencils, journal, oh joy!

    1. Thanks Dee! Can't wait to see what YOU do with them too! xo

  2. Janet, your journal pages are always so inspiring! I love the retro quilt page!

  3. Masking off the stencil to create a new boarder...Brilliant!

    1. Yes Tasha! The design possibilities seem endless when you look at all the bits and pieces!

  4. Janet, your journal pages are so AMAZING! Wonderful!

  5. Janet, LOVE your color in the first spreads and congrats on your first quilt!!! : ) All of it inspiring.


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