Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December StencilClub Preview

Hello Stencil Lovers!
Janet here from Happy Reminders!
I wanted to show you what I have been doing with the
exclusive December StencilClub stencils
designed by Mary Beth Shaw.

I started out here with a previously done background...
stencils and washi tape.
The purply gray colors looked like the snow laden clouds
during a recent November snow storm.

I used the larger stencil and the diamond section from the smallest stencil.

This was a fun one.
 I used the Transfer Artist Paper from a previous hop...
I had copied 2 of the same drawings on the same TAP paper
and transfered the extra image on to regular gesso covered paper.

I played with layering the medium sized stencil for the background...
And then the diamonds again for some details.
My message to myself is still...Find Your Voice....and Do Art Every Day!

 I also used the Circle Rays 6 and the Hands Stencil in this spread.

I think the 9x12 stencil in this set makes for a fabulous background.
I love using numbers and letters this stencil is awesome!

I started with mod podge and yellow ink, mixed them up 
and spread them across the side see how it differs.
I love the experiments and the "what if" aspect of art.
Hmmmm...what if I made one side really heavy and one side really thin?

 I started with mod podge because it is so ...slippery..
It makes for a different surface for other mediums to grab on to.
I played with drips and inks... putting on...taking off...
I used the 4x4  club stencil from August that little crosshatch!

A little too I wiped some off...

Added a meaningful word...

A great beginning...

I want to add a quote or scripture...not sure what yet...
But it still needed something on the background... 

 I have been wanting to try this ....
I laid the stencil down and stamped over one section of it....
Because it is a Clear-Mount stamp it is flexible and can be pressed onto the stencil.
I have tried wood mount stamps this same way
and it doesn't leave enough of an impression.

Just a nice little touch!

Yes. I am grateful.

Thanks so much for visiting with me today.
I hope you enjoy your StencilClub exclusive stencils.
Not a member yet? 
It's a fun club to be in! 


  1. Great ideas here! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. wonderful ideas. love the stamping through the stencil especially!

  3. So much great inspiration! Your pages are beautiful, and I love all of the great ideas! Thank you!


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