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Stenciled Embroidery Hoop Home Decor with Vanessa Spencer

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Love You More
Stenciled Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor

When I was looking at the stencils available in the StencilGirl store, I fell in love with these mini 6” x 6” circular patterned stencils. I have a bit of an embroidery hoop stash so the ideas started popping into my head. The 6” x 6” circle stencils work really well with standard 7” x 7” embroidery hoops.

When my daughter and I say “I love you” we often say back to the other one “love you more.” I know that’s fairly a common one amongst loved ones, and I really hope she doesn’t grow out of it but she’s slowly turning into a tween…  So I thought this would be fun wall d├ęcor in her bedroom.

·      Stencils (Flower of Life, Stitch a Doily, Chevron Doily)
·      Three 7” embroidery hoops
·      White fabric paint
·      Black fabric paint
·      Acrylic paint in various shades of blue/green
·      Grey fabric
·      Foam brushes
·      Fine paint brush
·      Scissors
·      Craft Mat or wax paper
·      Small hand towel
·      Orange thread
·      Sewing machine
·      Jute

Cut out three squares of grey fabric to approximately 9 x 9 inches.  Cover your work surface with a craft mat or wax paper. Place an old hand towel down and then place a fabric square on top of it. Put one of the circle stencils in the center of the fabric and using a foam brush, gently dab white fabric paint over the stencil and onto the fabric. Be a little generous with the paint around the edge of the circles so that the white extends out from the edge about 1.5 inches. Do all three pieces of fabric using the three different circular stencils. Allow them all to dry.

While the fabric is drying, use regular craft acrylic paint with foam brushes to paint the three embroidery hoops. I chose three different shades of blue/green. Set those aside to dry also.

Once the fabric squares have completely dried, you can add some decorative stitching. I used a mustard/orange colored thread in my sewing machine. I like a bit of a “messy stitch” look so I randomly sewed a straight stitch around the edge of each circle piece, sewing around each edge about four times.

You can paint the words into the center either before you tighten the fabric in the hoops or after. I did it after. If you aren’t too confident free handing it then try using a very light pencil first to write the words in script. Use a fairly thin paintbrush with black fabric paint to paint the script words onto each piece.

Once the fabric pieces are tightened in each hoop and the script words have dried, you can cut the excess fabric off the back of each hoop. Tie a piece of natural jute to the clasp at the top of each hoop and they are heady to hang.

Vanessa Spencer is a mixed-media artist and crafter and lives in Logan, Utah with her husband Ross, daughter Izzy and son Brin. You can learn more about Vanessa by visiting her blog and you can email her at vanessapspencer (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. What a great idea! I love how these turned out... they're beautiful, and such a great gift idea!

  2. Gwen took all the words out of my mouth ... er, fingertips.

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