Thursday, December 18, 2014

StencilGirl Guest Designer Laurie Mika

Welcome to Guest Designer Laurie Mika!!!

When Mary Beth asked if I wanted to be in her book as a guest artist I jumped at the chance. I loved the idea of using stencils with polymer clay, but of course, I like anything mixed with polymer clay!!!  Stencils on clay is a match made in heaven! I had used stencils before but the opportunity to be in her book provided the catalyst for using them in different ways.

Recently when I was asked to do a “guest designer” blog post using a few of the StencilGirl stencils I immediately had an idea to create an Indian inspired mandala. I knew that it would be painted and embedded with little jewels and glass pieces. I also knew that I wanted a Hamsa or hand shape in the middle. I chose a few wonderful stencils that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on!

The first step was to roll out a slab of polymer clay to accommodate the Five Hamsas stencil:

Using a rolling pin, I rolled over the stencil with enough force to create an embossed look

After making sure that the stencil design was deep enough, I then cut out the hand shape using a clay scalpel:

Now the fun began with painting the clay! I mixed up a little pink acrylic paint and used my finger to apply it to the tops of the embossed clay which highlighted the design:

When the paint was dry, I began laying out the doodads onto the surface and glued them in  place with Weldbond glue: 


  Now I was ready to create the circular mandala that my Hamsa was going to sit on. I rolled out a larger slab of clay to accommodate large Rose Window  stencil: 

You can see the embossing in this picture:

Here are a few pictures of painting the mandala:

Now I embedded some glass mosaic tiles, beads and millefiori:

 Almost done! 
Here I have glued the hand onto the clay mandala and it is ready to go into the oven for about a half hour:

While the mandala was baking, I painted and then collaged a napkin onto a deep cradle birch panel:

For the edges of the panel board, I used a border stencil to create a design which adds to the overall East Indian look:

And voila, the final project with the mandala glued onto the background panel:

My website is:
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Email: Laurie(at)mikaarts(dot)com


  1. wow, wow, wow and wow! Laurie, this is really gorgeous. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Marybeth for the opportunity to play with some of your fabulous stencils.

  2. I have just fallen off of my chair. This is so stunning. Thank you for sharing all the step out photos. xx

  3. Beautiful, Laurie! Love the step by step instructions!

  4. Love this! You're inspiring me to get out my clay again... I haven't done anything since I took your class at Create in August and this has me drooling! Thank you for the great ideas!

  5. For the love of Polymer Clay.. this is just gorgeous. I love using the clay to emboss.


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