Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Anatomy of a Page Featuring A Doodle It Stencil

Hi Stencil Lovers. 
Janet here from Happy Reminders.
I am often asked about how my pages develop in my Daily...
and my answer is always...they just grow...

This is not a perfect step by step......
but I wanted to share how I take a stencil and let it happen.

Every day is new.
I am never sure where my Daily page will take me....

I thought I would start with Maria McGuire's
There is one corner that I simply fell in love with.
I could trace it with pencil or marker....
but instead I lightly sponged a Distress Ink over it.

Good start!

Then I start playing with lines and colors.

This page began on the 28th.....
But this is what January 29 grew into.
It was an all day affair. 
I go back and forth between my quilt machine and my art table.

Friday Morning...sitting with my cup of coffee...
What's next? 
I think I will take that same corner design on the other side and mix it up a little.

Same thing...Distress Ink and a sponge dauber....

I am liking that little ladder section...
It makes a nice day divider...
so across the top it goes! 

More playing...more smearing colors around...

Friday was a busy day....a lot of that corner was done on Saturday Morning.
Sometimes I do my writing of my previous day's activities over my morning coffee.

I took some of the bubbles from another part of the stencil for that bottom edge.
This time I traced them....
I wanted to make the whole thing mesh together....
So more of the ladder divider and other repeated design elements...

It needed to be a darker green behind those flower petals...

There's just a little bit of neon pink on the 29th side...
so more neon circles in the opposite corner.

This is Fun!
Thanks to Maria and her incredible stencil designs!

So what do you think?
This is one example of how a page in my Daily develops.
Tomorrow I may take a whole different approach......
Visit me at Happy Reminders to see them all!

Happy Arting Everyone!


  1. I love your daily pages! They are so colorful and impressive.

  2. That is a fabulous daily spread page!! Love how you used those stencils!

  3. I love your daily pages, so it was so fun to see how one of them came about! So many wonderful details :)

  4. I love the pages! Is that white gesso or paint?

  5. Beautiful as usual! Miss you

  6. thank you so much for sharing your process. I just love your dailies and Maria's stencil is fantastic!


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