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StencilGirl Guest Designer Desiree Habicht

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Creatively setting our Table

I am known for always having a creative project going, I live a true artists life. I always have a project for my grandkids to do too, it could be sewing, painting, gardening but it is always something fun and creative. When they visit and stay for dinner I have them set the table. Because they are kids it seems that they always forget which side the fork goes on or where to put their glass. So I thought it would be fun to let them create their own placemats to help them remember. I will create one too but I will leave off the plate and utensils as I learned this lesson when I was young from my mother.


Use one of your placemats as a template or let them draw their own shape. We used a rectangle shape approximately 18”x13” with rounded corners.
All purpose cloth ( used for shades in the upholstery section) or preprimed canvas floor cloth
Acrylic paints in assorted colors and white
Brushes and a stencil brush if desired
Permanent markers-fabric markers
Non-toxic sealer (Mod-Podge, Minwax Polycrylic) make sure you check the label for food safety.

Using a placemat as a template, I roughly traced the shape onto the all purpose fabric. I used a rectangle placemat approximately 18"x13" with rounded corners but you can use any shape that would work for your table.

We then talked about how we set the table and we started with our plate, the kids used permanent markers or fabric markers and traced around a plate.

Depending on what kind of cloth or canvas you use will determine how much the markers might bleed. We had scrap fabric to test the markers before applying.

Then they drew freehand each piece of silverware in its correct spot and even drew in a glass.

I then showed them how much fun the stencils were and how they could use paint to create wonderful designs. I also showed them how they could use the stencils with markers and create outlines.

Then I just turned them loose to create. I told them that this was their placemat and to have fun! They spent hours painting, using stencils and markers to create their mats. I think the biggest hurdle at 6 is when to stop, they wanted to keep going! The placemat below shows the Pressed Leaves stencil in the middle of the plate.

For my placemat I did a wild color blocking technique that covered the entire surface with paint. Once I was finished with that I chose to use an inverted stencil to block out the negative space and leave the positive in my wild colors.

I used a white acrylic paint to do a white wash technique and created my garden of bird’s placemat. The stencils are great even for these oversized projects. I would just align up the tree branches as well as I could and continue the design. I was very happy with the results.

You can choose to use batting, quilt, finish off the edges like a conventional placemat or you can leave them as just thin painted placemats, NO SEW!! Just like a floor cloth on the table, or a table mat! Once the mats are finished I had them sign their names, write their ages and now I will seal them. I am doing some research on different sealers and finishes that are earth friendly, food safe and non-toxic. Mod Podge is one and there are others that claim to be food safe once they completely dry. Apply a few thin coats, letting each one dry completely in between and let them cure or completely dry before using. These will probably just be hand washed and wiped clean. Do your own research and choose the best product for your situation.

Now we are all ready for our next barbecue or dinner together and I know the table will be set perfectly and look beautiful too!

You can see more of Desiree’s projects, patterns and art on her blog, HERE or her website HERE

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  1. What a wonderful project for the 3 of you to do together! And the outcomes are great.

  2. I love these! Your bird place mat is gorgeous and I love this as a project idea for kids... my nieces (and even one of my nephews) would go nuts for this!

  3. What gorgeous and serious young artists -- both doing beautiful work, just like their grandmom! There was one other stencil used (by Megan) -- PRESSED LEAVES:

  4. Thank you so much LynneP, Gwen and Cecilia. Yes Cecilia, Megan did use that stencil! I forgot to list it, thank you so much for listing it!! I love those leaves, I just love all the stencils! My grandson also made a placemat so its not just the girls. He is so young he just painted so the picture isn't posted. We had a ball that day! We have also used them and I am happy to report that the table was set perfectly! LOL

  5. Fantastic guest post. I can't wait for Riley to get old enough. She's only 3.

  6. Great idea for me! I'm not a kid, but I think this is a great intro to fabric painting.

  7. I love how you used my BlackBirds in Tree Stencil!!!

  8. I love how you used my BlackBirds in Tree Stencil!!!

  9. K baxter Packwood, I really love that stencil, I might have to order it the other way too! Thanks for such a great design!

  10. The birds in the trees stencil is amazing.... :drool: :)


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