Friday, April 10, 2015

Groovy April StencilClub Preview

Hello Stencil Lovers!
I want to show you the fun I had in my Daily with
April 2015's StencilClub stencils designed by Jessica Sporn.

Such a flashback to the 70's!
Except my Peace Dove became a Bluebird!

I probably doodled these same designs on all my junior high school notebooks!

That red corner flower is from the City Stories Stencil...
it was there on the empty page before I started with the Groovy Stencils.
I left it there because it blended well with the rest.

These stencils have a huge variety of designs.
Remember that stencils are a tool 
and you can mix and match and blend the designs however you like.

I love how that spread in my Daily is so groovy and wild...

But I am not done with them yet!
I mix the heart with the rays and a leafy vine from the larger stencil....

I like that!

One of the funky leaves repeated makes a nice border....

More flowers here and there.... 

Let's turn the page and do one more groovy spread
using just a few more elements....
The Rose Window Stencil was already on this page 
from previous art time....

I attended an arts and crafts retreat with the girls in my family
so there was lots of time to chat and draw and create.

Here was a tulip I hadn't used yet....
and look at that 'ground cover' I found hidden among the design.
The number sixteen grows right out of it!


This is the perfect month to become a StencilClub member! 
Are you in the club yet?
 See you there!


  1. I always love seeing your daily journals, and these pages are gorgeous! I especially love the bright flowers all over the first spread.

  2. What cheerful colors -- and how wonderful it is to see flowers somewhere ... since our area seems permanently frozen in winter weather! Your lively flowers remind me to hold onto hope!


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