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Multi-Layer Art Journal Page with StencilGirl Guest Designer Martice Smith II

Welcome to StencilGirl Guest Designer Martice Smith II!!!

Multi-Layered, Exotic Goddess Portrait

Hi everyone! Martice here, sharing my process on how I created a multi-layered, exotic goddess portrait, combining three, very different stencils. These layers might look complex but I promise, they are simple + ultimately, produce a striking effect. Let's pLaY! 

Supply list:

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics + regular acrylics
9"x12" art journal (140-lb.)
#8 round paintbrush; 1" foam brush
Water soluble pencil; ink pens (black + white)
Black modeling paste
washi tape
baby wipes
water spray bottle + jar of water
irRESISTible Pico embellisher/fineline applicator bottle containing white paint
ultra matte varnish

Building the Background
What's a quick way to get started on a blank journal page? Scribble + splatter paint around! I knew that I was adding a face on this page so I started building my layers, applying light colors then darker ones.

Spray some water onto the paint, lifting your journal so the paint runs + drips. (I'm using Titan Buff for my first color.)

The next two colors (Pink Cadillac + Quinacridone violet) was applied with a #8 round paint brush. The goal here is to create natural, free-flowing brushstrokes, with no hard edges.

Lay down the Rose Window and Border stencil. Rub over the pink areas with a baby wipe. I can be very heavy-handed, so, it was more like scrubbing than rubbing! Of course, I'll use that to my advantage…

The harder I scrubbed, the more fragile the paper became. Eventually, fibers were loosened. A cool texture has been introduced! Perfect!

Decoupage scrap pieces of deli paper with my graffiti lettering.

Add teal fluid acrylic by stamping with a handmade printing plate.

Adding a Face
Do you ever use certain parts of your stencils or do you prefer using the entire stencil in your project? I like to mask off areas of the stencil and just use parts I want. I spread a layer of black modeling paste through sections of the Arani, Goddess of Fire stencil. 

Instead of adding more paint, I decided to darken or lighten up areas with text, alternating between a black and white ink pen. Dense, illegible handwriting is the perfect technique for this portrait! I love how it's looking so far…

Here is a link to my handmade washi tape tutorial.

Paint the face with warm colors (yellow ochre, flesh tone, titan buff + titanium white).TIP: Build up colors - light to dark - try variation of colors for natural looking skin tone.

Add more stenciling- use sections from the deconstructed floral stencil. Wipe away excess paint with baby wipe. Outline random areas with white ink.

To create the illusion of a shadow under the neck area, use a water soluble graphite pencil.

See those ink drips? Use them as a path to write along. Go with the "flow" (ha haa! Pun intended ;-) ) of the ink drips!

Create the necklace
Brush on a thin wash of gesso in the basic shape of a necklace.
(Brush over same area with neon acrylics: fiery red, pyrrole orange + naphthol red.)

Place the rose window stencil on top of paint; wipe away paint with baby wipe, then use a foam brush that's barely loaded with titanium white paint to apply into the stencil.

TIP: apply dark purple then slightly scoot the stencil to the left. Add white through same areas of the stencils. Lift up stencil. Now the "dots", from the stencil design, has a shadow! How cool is that?!

Refine the dots with the end of a paint brush that's been dipped in white paint.

Trace around triangles in the necklace, with a fineliner or pico embellisher. Let dry.

Add more doodling + scribbly marks.
Seal with ultra matte varnish and let dry.
Our multi-layered, exotic Goddess portrait is complete!

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Thanks for visiting us today. I hope you enjoyed my process!

Martice Smith II is an internationally published artist + creative director of Martice Smith II – Illustration & Design Studio, based in Missouri and owner of Uneek Art Boutique. Martice combines traditional mixed-media + digital techniques with her love for fashion, typography and wildlife, infusing her illustrations with her bold, urban style. 
Follow Martice as she mentors you on how to create with an expressive, free-style spirit while developing the artistic lifestyle + biz you envision for yourself. Discover more tutorials on her BLOG!


  1. Martice, you are a very gifted artist! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you and you're very welcome, Cecilia! I appreciate your comment!

  2. Wow, this is great. I haven't tried this type journal art. Thank you for a great project.

    1. Thank you Denise. Yes, you should try it! I hope you share what you create :)

  3. Very pretty Martice, I love how it turned out!

    1. Hey Sandee :) thank you! I love it too, heeheee!

  4. This is beautiful, Martice (lovely name). Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

    1. Judy, great to hear from you! Thanks for your sweet comments. It was a pleasure to share my process.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Tiare! Glad to have you stop by and comment :)

  6. This was an amazing process. Wow wow!!

    1. Amazing process, amazing FUN! Tamiko, you should try it. Thanks for your comment, chica!

  7. Love, Love....Love this! You have an amazing talent! I signed up for your newsletter, excited to see more of your aet!

    1. I love your enthusiasm, Terry! Yayyy! So glad you're joining me...We're gonna have so much fun learning + playing together :) Thanks a bunch!

  8. Gorgeous! So fun to see your process (love how you made her collar!) And the final result is awesome!

    1. Hi Gwen! Thanks! Yes, the collar was inspired by my love of tribal designs and jewelry. I would definitely wear it if it was real ;-)

  9. Hi Martice, love the idea of using handwriting as a way to add light and shade to your piece :D XXX

  10. Hi Gina! Yes, it keeps you in control of how dark you want to go. If some areas are too dark, use white lettering to lighten back up. I just love simple techniques!

  11. So wonderful to see Martice here. Love the project, especially the necklace. So cool.

  12. Martice this is brilliant. I'd say more but I gotta go play with my stencils now! !

  13. Lovely art work Martice! Love your doodles.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  14. Lovely art work Martice! Love your doodles.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  15. Hi Martice. Do you gesso your pages first and not mention it?


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