Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Layers of Color Create the Heart of a Canvas

Kirsten Reed here today to show you how I made this canvas. I began with a color palette I liked and dripped paint and stencils here and there.

After LOTS of layers of various stencils from my stash and some freehanded marks and painting, I had this delicious background that I wanted to savor.  I just loved so many different parts.
So I quickly came up with a design that would still allow much of the background to be the star (or heart) of the canvas.  I sketched it out on top.

A close up of some of the details.

And after the canvas was painted, a few close-ups.

The final piece.

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Stencils I used:

Crackle                          Whats the Point?           Tribal Leaves

Corrugated Cardboard Lines     Square Dance    Love Collage                Circles Circles

Rembrandt's Words          Layered Salad                         Succulents


  1. Great colors! And the texture you created with paint and stencils is amazing. Love how the design allows those fabulous colors to show through while the paint outlining the hearts adds more texture. Wonderful piece. Great sentiment. Can't stop looking at it!

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  3. very, very pretty -- with wise advice too...

  4. Amazing. Wish I could see un person! Love the colors and visual texture! Great!

  5. Absolutely rich layers and such a great visual for those wise words!

  6. This is really beautiful! LOVE the colors!


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