Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August StencilClub Inspiration from StencilGirl Times THREE!

We loved showing you side by side ways to use the July StencilClub stencils last month so we thought we would do it again! Below see how Gwen, Maria and Janet all used the same stencils designed by Terri Stegmiller to get three totally different looks!

Hi everyone, Gwen here sharing a few projects that I did with this month's awesome and exclusive StencilClub stencils. This month's designs were right up my alley - I love circular motifs and flowers, and getting a blend of both was so much fun to play with! 

My first project this month was inspired by the weather; the building where I attend church on Sundays doesn't have air conditioning in the main meeting room. We have big electric fans, and normally I bring a paper fan of some kind as well, but a few weeks ago I forgot mine and it was the hottest day of the summer so far! That got me thinking about fans, and the fact that I had a few plain paper ones at home leftover from my cousin's outdoor wedding a few years ago. Time to get those out and do some stenciling! Here's my completed fan:

To make this, I started out using the 9x12 stencil and some green Archival Ink to put down a subtle background pattern that I would build on. I added fine lines of gold paint along the edge and spokes, then I used a pencil to trace flowers and leaves from the 6x6 on top and went over those lines with paint and a fine tip applicator - I was going for something inspired by Chinese decorations.

Next I used a brush to start filling in the openings and to add some white circles that would suggest more blooms...
Then I just kept adding more color and outlining until I liked the way it looked!
For that touch of authenticity (haha,) I finished it off by using a Chinese chop to stamp my "signature" on the right (I got it in China a few years ago... it has the Chinese symbols for the sounds of my first name carved into it!) It folds up nicely and of course, cools quite well when used. I'm looking forward to showing it off!

I couldn't stop there, however... that little 4x4 stencil was probably feeling a bit neglected, so I decided to use that to play around a bit on some tags. I really like making these as tip-ins for my art journal. I love the funky vibe I got from these!
I hope you're feeling inspired and excited to get this month's stencils in your mailbox!

Next up is Maria....

Maria here to give you a quick "peek" at what I did with the StencilClub designs! When I saw Terri's designs all I could think was fabric, pattern.....makes sense considering Terri works with fabric!

I used the 6" x 6" stencil for this Art Journal page. I don't usually tape stencils down, but when they are intricate and I'm tracing I do. I started in the corner of my page tracing the stencil and just continued until I had the whole page filled. Where there were spaces I filled them in with parts of this stencil.

The final page...I have to say I loved it in black and white.....but after I colored it in, wow! boy do I love this stencil!!!! Still playing with the other two and I'll share that when I'm done. **What did I color it in with?? Dylusions spray ink that I use like watercolor. LOVE!

Take it away Janet........
Thanks Gwen and Maria!
You are hard acts to follow!
Great projects!

I wanted to show you how I used these StencilClub Stencils
in my Daily and my Gratitude Journal.
First, my Daily.

It was just time to play!
I traced a few of the circles from the 9x12 stencil
onto the beginning edge of a Daily spread.
Colors, lines and dots......

Then two more on the other side of the spread....
handled a little differently...

I tried the 4x4 stencil along the bottom edge for variety.
It makes a good border too! 

Here is how it all pulled together.
Borders, Borders, Everywhere!

 And in my Gratitude Journal, which is about 5"x 5" in size....

I really love this middle sized stencil.
It is so delicate and lacy.
I see SO MUCH potential here! 

But what I did in my Gratitude Journal is...

I laid the stencil down on the page and sprayed it
with the DecoArt Media Mister in primary yellow.....
There was so much paint left ON the stencil
that I turned it over onto the adjoining page
for the reverse print.
Then I played with pens and markers.
Later I will write what I am thankful for.

What do you think?
Same stencil, same colors....and totally different looks!

There you go, friends. 
Three awesome interpretations on the same stencils.

We can't wait to see what you do with them!


  1. Amazing artwork! I can't wait to get my stencils!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, I just love what everyone has created here. Fabulous Fabulous inspiration!!!

  3. I love every single project. very inspiring
    I love love the fan..I am going to lift that idea and I always forget that stencils can be used for tracing and tangling/doodling...

    1. Thanks Elise! Just a tip if you make your own fan and you use acrylics (or anything glossy) - make sure you wax it or do something to get rid of the stickiness when you're done so that the paint doesn't stick together and rip apart when you close the fan :)

  4. Everything shown here is really pretty! Great work, gals!

  5. I love the work all three of you have done. Awesome and inspiring.

  6. Can't wait for my August stencils--my second month's worth! And I LOVE circles and mandalas! Have been using stencils as backgrounds on my Junque Journal pages lately--lots of fun!


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