Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reveal of the September 2015 StencilClub Stencils from StencilGirl

Today is the day....the reveal of the EXCLUSIVE September stencils for members of our StencilClub!

Lost Languages designed by StencilGirl Artist, Julie Snidle!!!
Julie says....

 "I was stunned and saddened to learn recently that cursive writing has been eliminated from the public school curriculum.  My fondness for those written marks got me thinking about other forms of language that have disappeared or are seldom used in our modern lives."

Think--Morse Code, Shorthand and Punchcards!
Here are Mary Beth and Julie to show you the stencils....

Take a look at some of the Encaustic pieces Julie made with the stencils!!!

These stencils are only available to members of StencilClub and won't be sold on our website.
Check out the information on our website to see how you can become a member TODAY!!!!

If you have ever wanted to know more about Encaustic or get some fabulous inspiration Julie will be showing you her Encaustic process this month in the private member only video! It is like a mini class in itself. Not into Encaustic?? We will have so much more inspiration for you! Starting tomorrow and Friday we will be back with some inspiration from our team using these stencils in other applications! 
Not only that, our member only Facebook group is 
thriving with our members and team that inspire us EVERY day! 


  1. Wow I love these! Cannot wait to see the video using them with encaustics.

  2. Wow I love these! Cannot wait to see the video using them with encaustics.

  3. I'm stunned that children are not taught grammar either...i do not understand.
    Love the stencils! Look forward to getting them and using them!

    1. My 10 year old grandson is almost always grammatically correct! He amazes me, I think some kids just take it more seriously than others.

  4. Lost Languages is a wonderful title for this new trio of stencils! -- and a great idea for unique artworks!

  5. Well, this IS a blast from the past! I used to take shorthand, and I used to do computer programming with punchcards (anyone remember COBOL?) but I never had proficiency in Morse Code -- but I can't wait to play with these! Fantastic theme!!

  6. These will be amazingly useful! Can't wait! There are lots of future images I can see in the Lost Languages series--Linear B, for example--that would be fun, too!

  7. love the shorthand... long overdue!
    I used to be able to write it and read it!

  8. Looks so very interesting and versatile to me! Looking forward to seeing more inspiration, thank you MaryBeth & Julie.

  9. Great minds think alike! I kid you not, I have been looking for stencils such as these, especially the 9x12 computer data stencil! for awhile now - sweet serendipity! And it will delivered to my door, not quick enough, but patience is a virtue, right? Okay, I'll behave myself, but truly, I am over-the-moon excited! And it would be so so so so so awesome to win the little encaustic painting that Julie made…whoever wins, what a treasure!

  10. Love these designs Julie. And great to see how you incorporated them into your beautiful encaustic work.

  11. Love the 80 hole punch card and steno stencils... I used those cards in high school in the early 60's and shorthand was my favorite class! Can't wait to see to get them!


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