Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September StencilClub Inspiration

One stop! Three projects! Gwen, Janet and Maria will show you what they made with the September StencilClub designs by Julie Snidle. We love showing you all these at once. 3 stencils, 3 projects--all different!
Hope you are inspired!!!!
Take it away Gwen!

Hi, this is Gwen here sharing my project with this month's awesome StencilClub stencils from Julie Snidle. I loved the concept behind this month's designs, and ultimately decided to make a mixed media canvas that goes along with the theme - I'm calling this one "Hidden Messages." Here's a quick overview of how things evolved as I worked on it.

As you can see from the photos, I started by using the 9x12 stencil to cover the painted 10"x10" canvas with lots of little bronze squares. I added some painted circles and then used the 6x6 to add more marks with bronze. I added some text paper (knowing I'd cover most of it - hidden, after all!) and I used the 4x4 with the morse code to create lines across my smallest circles with Liquid Pearls. I let each line dry before adding a new one until I had several of them.

I added some newspaper with Chinese printing (I think?) stenciled on that, and put more layers of embellishment (including some embellished buttons) until I was happy with it.

Here's a little close-up so you can see some of the details of the stenciling.
That's it for me this month, I hope you enjoyed it, and that you're feeling inspired from all of the projects we're sharing today!

 Janet Here...
My turn to show you what I did with this month's StencilClub stencils!

When I saw these little squares they reminded me so much of the old mosaics I saw 
when I visited Pompeii in Italy several years back.
It made me actually go to my art journals from that trip and reminisce about it!
I pulled out some of the architectural features I had sketched
and included them in a page on my Daily with an Aesop quote.
Good memory!

Then I used the little 4x4 stencil in the background on my
Documented Life Project page.
Kind of like wallpaper... I like it!

I played with the 9x12 squares as well as the 6x6 stencil on a Daily cover.
This 6x6 stencil reminds me of shorthand classes back in high school.
Does that date me? 
Who remembers the business classes offered way back then? 

I used the Heavy Matte Gel and Acrylic Paints.
Doesn't it look like shorthand?

I love the depth and texture! 

There you go! I hope you fall in love with these stencils too.
Thanks Julie Snidle for some great designs!

Just in time Maria slips in for the finish!!!
1, 2, 3 = 5 minutes of creative time!
Running short on time...but I can do it!
5 minutes to my own personalized piece of collage paper!!!!
1.   I started with a piece of 6" x 6" deli paper that was on my desk that I had cleaned extra pain on.
2.   Stencil the 4" x 4" randomly in white.
3.   Stencil the 9" x 12" exactly like it is in gold--Julie did all the work and made it random for us--how easy is that!!!!
4.   Stencil the 6" x 6" randomly in black.

YAHOO!!! I made it!!!!
Now you can too!!! Thanks Julie!

Want to join us and try all our ideas??!! 
Not a member??? Well come join us!
You can get all the information on how you can join the StencilClub family of members on our website!
Hope to see you there!


  1. These projects are wonderful. Gwen, yours especially resonates with me because I just did a circle project and this might have inspired me to do more circles. I love this club. I used SG stencils for my project too!

  2. Gorgeous artwork ... lots of original ideas!


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