Friday, October 16, 2015

StencilClub Member Inspiration!

Members of StencilClub use exclusive StencilClub stencils they receive as members....
along with lots of other StencilGirl stencils in their art!
This post features the amazing artwork of our members!

Judy McDonald Hough

Lisa Dobry‎

Mary Thoma‎

Sally Malec

Denise Alloca‎

Tommy McDonell

Elise Bky‎

Cath Sheard‎

Trena Lynn

We heart our StencilClub members!


  1. Really stunning selection of work.

  2. my wife also is painting, but she is not that good, please dont tell her what i said here!haha
    and i try to write some articles, my last one is about what girls think when boys ignore them i think its very funny!


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