Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cathy Nicohol's Farmhouse set of stencils, Kilim patterns, Boho Flowers and Astro-Constellations are here!

Hi! Carol here! We're going chat a little about chickens.

Diane, Chantel, JoMama, and Donnalyn are among my friends with feathered friends, aka chickens. Donnalyn calls hers "the girls". Diane's little white Silkies win prizes at the county fair each year and have the cutest, colorful, yummy eggs (they are well fed birds!) Chantal and JoMama both use feathers from their chickens in mixed media jewelry.

My new art-friend, Cathy Nichols, doesn't have chickens but she sees an "adorable pair" when she goes on her daily walks. When she spied a vintage plate from the 1950s she knew it was time for a stencil.

6x6 inch S359 Farmhouse Chicken

Love it in French Blue, but the chicken would be cute in so many color schemes! 

Of course, it only made sense for Cathy to design have a few more Farmhouse stencils to go with the hen:

                                         6x6 inch S358 Farmhouse Apple

A stenciled apple a day, keeps your muse happy! A spot of tea is always nice to share as you are stenciling with an art friend!

6x6 inch S360 Farmhouse Teapot

And wouldn't either of these large 9x12 stencils make your table lovely as a place mat or perhaps a table cloth?

9x12 inch L425 Boho Patterns
9x12 inch L426 Kilim Patterns

Daughters are even better than art friends and fluffy cluckers! Just precious whatever the sign!

Imagine the birthday gifts you can create with these astrology sign constellation stencils! Cathy says, "I am super excited to use these in my own work and I hope you are too! They can be added to abstract work, a group of greeting cards, star-animal illustration or portraits. The possibilities are endless." 

9x12 inch What's Your Sign L427

We'll share more of Cathy's inspiration and a few more pieces of art in the March edition of the Scoop. Meanwhile, you can discover Cathy's stencils HERE.

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  1. Hi Carol! You really have great sense of art, I really enjoy watching your work. Keep it up!


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