Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February StencilClub Inspiration!

Carol Wiebe named this stencil set "Circle Tower" which evokes a certain image to her, but our stencil team of Mary, Gwen, and Janet saw
bulbs, whimsy, and patterns to make a sunburst.

These three shared projects could not be more different and each is wonderful in it's own right. Enjoy!

Hi! Mary Nasser here to share 

what I've been making with the February StencilClub stencils!

I've been having a blast layering these in my black cardstock Dylusions art journal!
I love the circular elements and intricacies of these stencils.
The imagery reminds me of planets and bulbs and roots.

I've incorporated acrylic paint, ink, ink pens, and ephemera into these pages...including labels painted by Carla Devine! 

It was especially fun and meditative adding white ink pen to the stenciled shapes! 

Inspired by Carla Devine, I painted another sheet of labels, too! 
You are going to love these stencils!! 

This is Gwen Lafleur
with my project using this month's stencils. 

Aren't they fabulous designs? I loved them from the moment I pulled them out of the shipping envelope. When I sat down to start working with them, I held them out to just look and see where I wanted to go for my project. For some reason, when I looked at the 9x12 I started thinking of really cool, patterned diagonals like a sunburst. From there it jumped straight into a mixed media portrait with a sunburst background behind the head. So that's what I did!

I'm super thrilled with how she turned out! Obviously, the whole thing is influenced by the gorgeous work of Andrea Matus deMeng (I was lucky enough to take classes with her in October - so inspiring!) You can see where I mixed all of the stencils together to make the patterns in the areas behind her head (it kind of has an Art Deco vibe to me, which I love!) I also used mainly the 6x6 on her face and throat. 

I used all three stencils for the torso (it's pretty subtle under all that collage.) The amulet type areas are also from the stencils using Posca paint markers to get a fun blending effect.

I hope you enjoyed my project with this month's stencils! If you're interested in seeing more, I have a few step-out photos from my process and a few more close-ups over on my blog. I can't wait to see what all of our StencilClub members do with these fabulous designs!

Hi Stencil Lovers! 
Janet here, showing you how I used this month's stencils.
First in my Daily .....
When I opened up the packaging I immediately fell in love with them.
They seemed whimsical.
 They reminded me of some imaginary play land. 
I saw ladders and bricks and latticework....
A whole landscape of fun.

And in my Planner.....

And in my Art Journal....
I went all out with the whimsical aspect of these designs.
I saw a shape that reminded me of a pumpkin... 
So vines started growing up the lines...
And a little figure started climbing up the ladder...
and the brick wall was needed to support the whole structure...

What fun!

Isn't it so cool how all these projects turned out so different?
We hope you enjoy these fun stencils.

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What will you create when you get your February stencils in the mail?


  1. Oh my gosh! What a joy to see this art from SG designers. I love all of it. Such different approaches all beautiful. I am loving this Month!

    1. Thanks, Denise! Looking forward to seeing what you create with these beautiful stencils!

  2. How wonderful to see this beautifully varied post. So many ideas!

  3. Gwen, you did a SUPERB job with all of these stencils! Creating stencils has been in my life for a while now, and when I decided to send them into the world (that is a flowery way of saying make them public) it was for this very reason--to enjoy being part of the wonderful work of others. WOW!

    1. And Janet (sorry, I was so excited I didnt mention yours). I love the way you added fruit to the "vines" and put a little car on the "road." It is so imaginative!

    2. Thanks Carol! I loved your stencils this month... they're really fabulous! So fun to see all the beautiful interpretations of how you can use them... possibilities are endless!

  4. These stencils are beyond fabulous and so is this artwork! I especially like the outlining done with that Uni-ball Signo white inkpen. Many many thanks!


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