Friday, March 18, 2016

Creating a Dozen Projects with Just Two Stencils!

1 + 2 = 12
By Judi Kauffman

I’m thrilled to be back as today’s guest artist. As always, I thought I’d juxtapose stencils that don’t look, at first glance, like they were designed to go together. In this case, it’s the Paisley Floral Repeat by Jessica Sporn and Mary Beth Shaw’s Web stencil. And, as usual, I wanted to pull some Shimmer Sheetz into the mix. I’m all about sparkle!

The project title hints at what I think math should be: Answers that aren’t obvious. In this case the equation refers to the number of packages of Shimmer Sheetz (one), the number of stencils (two) and the number of projects I made out of these components (twelve!).

They include:
A paisley mini crate
A web-stenciled crate
A sari-inspired bookmark quartet
A pair of gem-encrusted bookmarks
A pair of web-stenciled bookmarks
An angel art doll to guard your studio
Six one-of-a-kind A2-size side-fold cards

Customize the projects to suit your taste. Switch to a different color palette, use whatever embellishments you have on hand, and most of all have fun…


1. Alter three 5” x 12” pieces of Turquoise Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz with denim blue alcohol ink. Use an ink applicator tool to create a mottled effect as shown on the test scrap at the upper left in the above photo.

2. Use vivid violet acrylic paint and gold metallic alcohol ink to stencil Paisley Floral Repeat onto one 5” x 12” piece of Shimmer Sheetz; use gold metallic only to stencil Paisley Floral Repeat onto a second piece; Use vivid violet acrylic paint and gold metallic ink to stencil Web onto the third piece.

3. MINI CRATES: Paint the crate with a metallic acrylic paint (shown: Peacock). Allow to dry.

Cut three 1” x 6.5” strips of stenciled Shimmer Sheetz; attach strips to slats on one side of the crate using double sided adhesive tape. Add two Glitter Dots peel-offs to the ends of each strip to give the look of sparkly nail heads.

4. ANGEL ART DOLL: Wrap a clothespin with metallic braid to create the top of a dress and with mesh to create the skirt. (Secure at the back with snippets of Power Adhesive Tabs.) Cut two twigs for arms. Find a small flat oval embellishment to use for a halo. For the wings, cut a 2.5” x 5” piece of Paisley Floral-stenciled Shimmer Sheetz (sheet 1, metallic gold only). Cut two .5” x 2.5” pieces from Paisley Floral-stenciled Shimmer Sheetz (sheet 2, vivid violet and metallic gold). Add narrow bands to short ends of the wing piece. Cut long triangular notches, centered, on the 5” sides (Save these pieces aside for one of the cards!); cut small V-shaped notches at the short ends. Use snippets of Power Adhesive Tabs to secure all components. Tip: My style wings are very simple and graphic. If you prefer, hand cut a pair that are curvy and more realistically shaped.

5. BOOKMARKS: Cut assorted 1” x 6.5” and 2” x 5” stenciled Shimmer Sheetz strips. Add embellishments. The pair above features gem-encrusted appliqués from the fabric department. Those below include a pair with gold border peel-offs only and a sari-inspired quartet that combines gold border peel-offs and gem-like flat Glitter Dots peel-offs. Tip: My inspiration: Our neighbor Leela’s beautiful saris! (A quick image search for Indian saris will provide a wide variety of other options, most of them easy to duplicate with peel-offs where woven and embroidered patterns would appear on the fabrics.)

6. CARDS: Start with pre-made card bases in A2 size or make them from solid color cardstock that coordinates with the stenciled Shimmer Sheetz. Cut the remaining stenciled Shimmer Sheetz into pieces. As shown, four of them measure 2.5” x 3.5”, the rest vary in size. Arrange, layer, and rearrange the pieces. When pleased with the design, assemble and embellish as a series of one-of-a-kind cards using the photo gallery below for inspiration.

Add in metallic braid, charms, gem-encrusted appliqués, an Indian inspired button (with shank removed), metal pieces, Glitter Dots and gold border peel-offs, and the long triangles saved from the Angel Art Doll’s wings in step 4. Use foam tape for dimension here and there. Tip: Instead of card fronts, the 2.5” x 3.5” pieces can be used for Artist Trading Cards, mailed in a clear baseball card protector or displayed on a mini easel.


StencilGirl Products –
L350 Paisley Floral 9 x 12 Stencil by Jessica Sporn
L064 9 x 12 Web Stencil by Mary Beth Shaw

Other –
Shimmer Sheetz in Turquoise Gemstone (Elizabeth Craft Designs)
Craft knife, straight edge, cutting mat
Foam tape
Clear double-sided adhesive tape (Elizabeth Craft Designs)
A2 side fold cards (or cardstock to make them)
Rustic Pallet mini crates (Walnut Hollow)
Dazzling Metaqlllics in Peacock to paint crates (DecoArt)
Americana Acrylic Gloss Enamels in Vivid Violet (DecoArt)
Metallic Mixatives in Gold (Ranger)
Alcohol ink in Denim (Ranger)
Ink applicator tool (Ranger)
Kreinik #16 Medium Metallic Braid (to wrap doll’s torso)
Power Adhesive Tabs (Tombow)
Nonstick scissors (to cut Power Tabs)
Glitter Dots peel-offs #7018 in Pink, Turquoise, Violet (Elizabeth Craft Designs)
Ribbon Fantasy border peel-offs #1276 in Gold (Elizabeth Craft Designs)


  1. AWESOME..12 projects just with 2 stencils and a ton of Creativity ! The angle doll is my favorite from the lot !

  2. Oh, how I love this post! How versatile product these stencils are! The art doll and those cards are stunning!

  3. Really cool projects!!! The card with the fish rocks!

  4. As I scroll down, I see artworks each more gorgeous than the one before! What a fantastic collection of art!

  5. Gorgeousness. I love the blues and Violet's and the way the gold just pops off of them. Xoxo

  6. Beautiful, and sort of "By the Batch." If you count each ATC, etc., there are more than twelve. all great!

  7. I LOVE the angels... so many and ideas and such soothing colors...

  8. What stunning work. totally love all the projects !!!

  9. What wonderful projects Judi. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  10. Awesome indeed! Love the color palettes - so much shimmer and shine and very interesting patterns. I bet the projects are even more stunning in person, even if your photos are great!

  11. Ooooh.... the stencils over the shimmer sheets and alcohol ink look fabulous! Great projects Judi!!

  12. Thank you all for such terrific comments! I love being a guest designer for StencilGirl Products and I always hope that my projects will encourage other people to play with stencils.
    Judi Kauffman

  13. Beautiful items!
    Lots of great ideas to try,very inspiring!


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