Thursday, March 10, 2016

Carolyn Dube, Jessica Sporn, and Mary Nasser have AMAZING Newly Released Stencils for YOU!

Travel to with our stencil designers to three utterly different yet magical worlds where airplanes loop in the sky, East meets West, and harlequins play! 
Mary Nasser, Jessica Sporn, and Carolyn Dube are your hosts.

Carolyn Dube

These bold patterns on these stencils give you lots of open space to play with color and more!

Alternating Circles, L412, is a9x12 stencil


Repeating circles was inspired by games I played as a kid-Othello and Go.

Alternating Ovals, L413, is a 9x12 stencil

Repeating ovals was inspired by torn paper leaves.

Alternating Diamonds, L410, is a 9x12 stencil 

Repeating diamonds is a hand drawn interpretation of the classic harlequin pattern.

Carolyn's blog post: 

Mary Nasser 

flying in with whimsical stencils made to travel!

Just Plane Fun, S362, is a 6x6 stencil

Inspired by my love of travel – and experience teaching in the classroom! – these paper airplane images will add a sense of fun and whimsy to your art! Let your imagination fly with this design – composed of various sized triangles like Geometric Sky. Add these five paper airplanes to art journal pages, paintings, card-making and more! 

(Fun to combine with Mary's map stencils, too.)

Loop, M099, is mini 4x4 stencil

Inspired by my love of maps, travel, and time spent in Chicago, this stencil illustrates the abstract shapes and patterns created by the Chicago L Train map of The Loop. Use this stencil and its fun positive and negative spaces to add rhythm, movement and patterns to your art journal pages, paintings, card-making and more!

Geometric Sky, L432, is a 9x12 stencil

Geometric Sky was inspired by patterns made by clusters of stars in the sky – as if lines were drawn to connect the stars. Like Just Plane Fun, the design for Geometric Sky is composed of various sized triangles. Use this stencil to create amazing geometric backgrounds, rubber stamps, or mask off to make diamonds and individual triangles in your art journal pages, paintings, card-making and more!

There is a give-a-way of these traveling stencils HERE.

Jessica Sporn 

Bohemian stencils give you a huge range of artist options in your art journaling and mixed media collage work 

On the Farm, L424, is a 9x12 stencil

A love of folk art, animals and the quiet life inspire this design. The simple life has a special place in my heart. I love animals - am a vegetarian would keep all those animals as pets!

Becoming, S361, is a 6x6 stencil 

Becoming - we are always in process - evolving. These words embrace the process, and provide lots of affirmations for your art journal and mixed media projects.

Eastern Leaf, L421, and Lacy Lotus Repeat, L423, are 9x12 stencils

Lacy Lotus Repeat

Indian henna designs and embroidery inspired this lotus repeat. I envision scraping lots of yummy texture through this stencil, as well as using it as an embroidery template.

Eastern Leaf
Classic leaf, lotus and flowers are arranged in a contemporary, whimsical repeat designed for you to use with paints, inks, encaustics, fabrics, and more.

Click HERE for a video of how to use the Lacy Lotus Repeat and enter a give-away.

These stencils are part of a collection that explores the intersection of Eastern traditions, meditation, yoga and art. 

Herbs Stencil, L422, is 9x12

I grew up listening to “Scarborough Fair” by Simon & Garfunkel. That song and my love of gardening inspired this stencil.


These words of inspiration and affirmation are designed for you to use with paints, inks, encaustics, fabrics, and more.

The newest stencils from StencilGirl are right HERE.


  1. Wow -- I'm in love! What fantastic new designs! I just placed an order, but now I've got to make a list for the next one!

  2. Oh my! Love them all! How to pick only a few?! I want them all! :)

  3. Absolutely amazing!! CongraTS TO ALL!!

  4. Oh my goodness, fabulous releases ladies :)

  5. Wonderful designs! Now, where is that piggy bank? And the hammer?


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