Friday, April 1, 2016

Get a taste of the possibilities with Mary Beth Shaw's Private Collection 16.2 stencils for StencilClub

Mary Beth had way too much fun making this video!
Please click the link below if you cannot see it.

We looked up the math and there are more than 479 million ways* you could combine each of the dozen graphic elements in this large stencil before you'd be repeating combos! *permutations is the technical term :)

Sprinkle with your imagination and the possibilities are well... endless! 

Dress up your art journal with the small 

or mini stencil! 

Your art journal is calling.... what will your answer be?

Not a StencilClub member? You can sign up HERE to get April StencilClub stencils in your mailbox.



  1. Oh my goodness I can not wait to get these sooo much fun and look at them all on that 9 x 12 that's like a jackpot stencil yippee thanks Mary Beth ❤️❤️❤️

  2. These are simply over the moon and back again! Can't wait!!!

  3. Oh my my my!! The excitement is almost too much to handle...and to have so many combinations?! That IS mind-blowing!

  4. looking forward to these! they're awesome!

  5. Such versatile stencils! Can't wait to receive mine!


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