Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mary Beth Shaw and Suzi Dennis have 7 NEW stencils for your stenciling pleasure!

Hi! Glad to see you!  Is that astonishment on your face? Yes, StencilGirl really is crazy enough to think that the 9 stencils we released on May 12th weren't nearly enough for your pleasure in the merry month of May!  Here are 7 more! More is definitely better. Absolutely.

S374 and S375 ~ 6x6" stencils

How will you choose between Version 1 (left) and 2 (right) of Stone and Mortar?

Hashmarks is quickly becoming one of Mary Beth's go-to stencils!

Stenciling with a cloverleaf is loads more fun than driving on one!

Water, a garden, stained glass, organic shapes. These 3 new stencils from Suzi Dennis are quite versatile for card-making, art journaling, mixed media creating, indeed whatever strikes your fancy.

Garden Dreams a little more realistic v. a little more abstract use.

Ancient Marks as a focal v. incorporated with other stencils and marks.

You'll never feel sea sickness when you set sail with Suzi's Ripples stencil!

*15 NEW stencils in May was still not enough*

Those were all the NEW stencils but, we have a little surprise for you! Mary Beth has 2 more stencils that recently found their way into the cart without fanfare.

You may have used her 9x12" or 6x6" River Rocks stencils (the large stencil was one of the original 6) but she recently needed it in a smaller size and that means there is now a 4x4" similar stencil available.

Mary Beth captured the hand gestures and the random blobs of of ink that spill from a pipette in her 6x6" Makes a Mark Pipette stencil. Previously available as part of an online class exclusive, now it is available for you to use in your art.

You can choose from all of Mary Beth Shaw's stencils HERE and check out her Common Denominator blog HERE.

You can choose from all of Suzi Dennis' art right HERE and her In the Studio blog HERE.

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  1. So exciting!!! And your comment, MaryBeth, reminds me of driving on cloverleafs when I lived in the Midwest! Haven't seen one of those in such a long time! Kudos to you both for these beautiful new stencil designs!!!

  2. As they say, "your killin me"! I have a long list of wonderful new stencils I need. I am definitely an addict! Love SG


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