Thursday, May 12, 2016

9 NEW Stencils from Jane LaFazio and Daniella Woolf!

One of our two designers today has NEW stencils based on her journeys around the globe and the other is staying closer to home with her NEW ones, a home in the woods that is.

Scroll on down to learn a (possibly) new art technique and see how you can fill your home with wonderful stenciled decor!

Daniella says, "I like the mixture of micron pen with tea or watercolor. I love using tea bags, hot, right out of the mug, as stamps."

To do this yourself: Take the tea bag out of tea, put stencil over paper and use water/color from tea as you pat ,pat, pat. The tea comes out and colors the paper. Different kinds of tea will make subtly different colors. 

Daniella used a micron pen on the paper after it dried.

Below she has used watercolors with Brick Factory.

She continued using watercolors with her Turkish Wedged Stone and incense stencils.

Watch for our upcoming Scoop in your email because Daniella will share how she uses saving cream in her art!


Incense stenciled black in white and white on black.

Daniella took several original paste papers that she had made, sliced them into long strips and made a composition with them and viola! the stencil below was born.

In case you are wondering what paste papers are, they are decorative end sheet and cover elements created by book binders some 450 years ago out of pigmented starch paste.

In the photos below, Daniella used ther Paste Paper stencil with prisma color pens and watercolors respectively.

Won't these be fun stencils to use as you experiment with new techniques?

Jane created these stencils from a few of her original drawings:

Ah, the well-composed art journal page. That feeling of satisfaction you get when it comes together. 

Jane has a bouquet of projects to go with her Pine Cone Series 6x6" stencils. Better yet! She will give tutorials on her blog, Janeville, May 12 through 17!

Pine cones are soft and lovely on fabric. The quilt above has tulle stitched as a design element. 

Get ready to entertain, your guest or yourself with the pretty stenciled napkin and tea towels pictured below.

Pine cone paper arts: 

Carving a stamp with a stencil is one of the projects Jane will walk you through on her blog.

S369 of Jane's Pine Cone series comes with a mask!

These two designers/artists have distinctive styles and we hope you love their stencils as much as we do!

You can see all of Jane's NEW stencils HERE. Her personal website is

You can see all of Daniella's NEW stencils HERE. Her personal blog is In the Making

To delight in more stenciling madness, check out our upcoming Scoop in your email.


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