Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Stencils for You! 6 designed by Andrew Borloz and 8 designed by Daniella Woolf

Eclectic stencils? StencilGirl has 14 new ones for your art creating pleasure.

Kunst Masken (German for Art Masks) designed by Andrew Borloz

In the creation of these art masks, I was inspired and influenced by the various styles from several European art movements and design philosophies such as Bauhaus, De Stijl, Dada and Cubism which occurred during early 20th century (1910-1930).

I have been very fascinated with the stage costume designs (including the masks) done by Oskar Schlemmer for a ballet performance at one of the Bauhaus schools. I was also intrigued with stage costumes designed by Fernand Leger for Ballets Suedois (The Swedish Ballet), and with the marionettes designed by Sophie Taeuber-Arp.

These three designers mentioned above inspired me to create the masks for stenciling.  All of the masks were created artistically in an asymmetrical manner using simple geometric shapes and lines to allow for various facial expressions.

Kunst Mask #1 - I designed this mask with rather bold and large shapes so that they will allow the stencil user to draw or paint in facial expressions.

Kunst Mask #2 - I made this image to look indifferent or sophisticated. It can be altered or embellished with mark-making tools to create different facial expressions.

Kunst Mask #3 - I created this mask so that it resembles a pirate with the stern-looking expression. It also looks like it has an eye-patch or a half-asleep eye.

It was a lot of fun to see how the simple geometric shapes could create all kinds of facial expressions. Not only that, it was fascinating to see how the masks can be made to look different simply by adding more lines or small shapes with mark-making tools such as gel pens or paint markers.

The masks look totally different made smaller and used as repeat patterns in other three stencil designs. 
These patterns will look great as a background or for stenciling on fabric to be used for pillows, curtains, placements, or book covers. 

Andrew's Creativity

I'm Daniella Woolf and I see stencils everywhere!

I love to travel and I am always on the lookout for new designs. Strands of dancing lights, a table full of neon colored zippers, the underside of a portabella mushroom, a wall of guitars, are just a few of the items that inspired these stencil designs.

Watch what happens when my friend Wendy Aikin and I daub stencils with tea bags:

Acrylic on a book page:

Acrylic paint on handmade paper:

Acrylic and watercolor:

Inktense over acrylic:

These next 2 paintings are watercolor over acrylic:

I'll share additional art I made with my new stencils as well as insight into more of my favorite mixed media art supplies in an upcoming Scoop.

In the Making


  1. Daniella, you're one of my favorite stencil designers, and this new set -- as well as the teabag dyeing technique -- are tops in my book!

  2. Great designs, Daniella! Love your work and these are a means to an end--useful for adding designs, lines, shapes. Fabulous!

  3. The mask designs are brilliant, Andrew. Very original.


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